Return to Hogwarts: House Pride – Ravenclaw

Ok, so I know I’m a little behind on my review of Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m still gathering my thoughts on it, while also dealing with school. Thankfully, my exams are done for the moment, so I’m able to focus back on things other than Greek cosmogony and European history from the paleolithic era on to Charlemagne. BUT! While I’m still working on gathering my thoughts, how about something fun and maybe silly? Or really, how about some House Pride.


I’ve been sorted a number of times, and with only one exception*, I’ve always been placed in Ravenclaw. And of course it feels like a good fit for me — clever yet quirky. Anyway, now that I’m reconnecting with my love of the Harry Potter universe, I’ve been looking at ways to incorporate this into my every day life. (Full disclosure: a lot of this is from Look Human, mainly because I’m sort of obsessed with them right now even though I’ve yet to pull the trigger on any purchases.)

Ravenclaw House Pride

» Ravenclaw Ugly Christmas SweaterLook Human$35 $30
love this one. They also have it in an amazing phone case, or the blanket… or the tote or the pillow… And they’re all on sale.

» Ravenclaw Quidditch SweaterEtsy – $29.99
Some of the Quidditch athletic stuff just isn’t my style, but this looks like a good sweater to order a size larger, pair it with leggings, and just curl up to watch a movie or read a book…

» Training for Quidditch TryoutsLook Human – $29
Normally, I don’t go for the working out style tshirts. If I have to see one more thing about “getting swole” I might just imperio them repeatedly into a wall. BUT, well, given that if you want clothing to rep your house, most likely you’ll find mainly Quidditch stuff. And this one I can deal with.

» Ravenclaw LanyardPlatform 9¾ Shop – £5.95
The official Pottermore shop. Again, if you’re in Gryffindor, you get a few more items (like this awesome cardigan I’m jealous of). But this is a fun one that resembles the house tie and would be great for any sort of cosplaying. Or just for fun.

» Ravenclaw Quidditch mug – Etsy – apparently sold out
Bummed this is sold out. It’s a fun design, very clean. I’ll just have to keep my eye out for this to reappear some day…

» 8-Bit Ravenclaw tankLook Human – $23.20
Nerdy and fun. I’m in.

» Ravenclaw house blanketLook Human$45 36
Ok. So I’ve got to admit, I like this one better as a print… but I’m all about blankets too.

» Ravenclawesome pillowLook Human$25 $20
I mean, YES.

I currently own nothing Harry Potter outside of the books. I had one Hogwarts tshirt, but gave it away in college. I’ve got some plans in the works though to get a few things to add to my already somewhat nerdy decor… Now if only I could get someone to send me to Orlando for the Universal experiences…

What houses are you in? Do you have any sort of decor or shirts or any other house pride stuff? Anything you’re absolutely longing for?

*This was bound to happen when almost indiscriminately taking quizzes online. Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw, and if you’re going to trust any online sorting, it’s that one.