State of the Blog: what’s coming next

StateOfTheBlogI realize most people make blogging resolutions and plan out their blogging road map at the beginning of the year. However, as you guys know, I had some pretty major changes at the beginning of the year. I just wanted to make sure I got into a good rhythm before making any big decisions about how I want to use this space this year.

First off, I want to state that even though I’m setting forth this plan, I am first and foremost allowing myself to be open. Even though what you put out on the internet never really disappears, this is not concrete. It’s the same sort of forgiveness and growth I allow in my life, so of course it’ll carry over here.

So. On to the plan, and hopefully by March you’ll see these start to come to life.

» I want to be more involved in a blogging community
This could be Female Geek Bloggers or International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club or it could just be an unofficial group of bloggers that I admire and appreciate that doesn’t have some formal group label. I just really want to invest in others and work on these relationships.

» Bring back the New-to-Me Comics feature
I’ve missed this feature. Moving back to my childhood hometown, well, I just wasn’t sure where I was going to get my comics. I had my nice, friendly, open shop in Chicago. But I wasn’t sure if I’d find something here that was going to make me feel welcome. Then I found out that one of the local shops here became an Aw Yeah Comics store — a brand I know and trust and am thrilled to have here. So I want to start exploring new-to-me comics and share them with you. And hopefully I’ll be able to think of a new name for this feature.

» Convert my Casual Cosplay and Fangirl Fashion posts into a monthly feature
I really enjoyed putting together these concept boards, but it got overwhelming as a weekly feature. So right now I’m toying with the idea of making the last Friday of the month Fangirl Friday. On that day (and possibly continuing through the weekend), I’ll find creative ways to share and celebrate my fandoms.

» Work on at least 1 new feature to debut by summer
I realize that’s a little vague, but really I need to explore a few things before I make any commitments. Some ideas I have: streaming video games, monthly vlog, monthly craft post, or visiting various state parks and such in the area and sharing them. I just need to sort of see what feels right to me, as well as what seems feasible. At the same time, I am curious if any of these ideas sound exciting to you guys.

» Be more consistent with using images and graphics
I don’t care for pictures in a blog post just for the sake of having pictures, but I would like to be more thoughtful about including them more often where appropriate. This also means I need to get serious about getting creative suite transferred over to my new computer.

» Restructure Patreon in terms of my goals and rewards
I love what Patreon offers, and want to continue using it — however, I want to make sure I use it to my advantage and not just throw all sorts of stuff at it because I can. So I want to clean it up, limit the goals I have, and really begin to offer things that 1) I know I’m capable of delivering, and 2) are of value to my patrons.

Other stuff:
I also plan on finishing my Returning to Hogwarts series. I’ve finished the 4th book, and will be writing it up this weekend. Three more to go. I also may have talked to some friends about re-reading the Song of Ice & Fire series as well as His Dark Materials. We’ll see. I may do those on my own, or find a different venue for those. I also wouldn’t mind doing some collaborations with other bloggers, or possibly doing some giveaways again…

Anyway. I look forward to seeing what comes. Cheers to new adventures and the rest of the year!