The things they don’t teach

Full warning here: my old lady curmudgeon game is in full force. Possibly due to my current proximity to a group of incredibly obnoxious guys makes the most ignorant and somewhat offensive comments. If there were any other open areas to sit and eat, I would have gotten up and moved. But alas.

Anyway. These are just some general observations I’ve made since returning to school that have either caught me off guard or left me scratching my head. Or both. Most of it’s common sense/common courtesy stuff, but apparently the adults in these kids lives aren’t instilling these values as much. (Also a failure on adults: not explaining to your kids who Paul McCartney is. I realize people might not agree on the importance of this, but for goodness sakes expand your kids worlds, ok? /rant)

» When you’re walking on the street, as a pedestrian you walk against/facing traffic, not with it. Bicyclist go with the flow of traffic, but not walkers/joggers.

» You don’t walk out into oncoming traffic, even if it’s “just” in the far lane, to cross the street. And especially not at night while wearing dark/all-black clothing. (And that goes for the first one too.)

» The chimes of the clock tower, or any chiming clock, aren’t just because people like pretty bells. The signify the quarters of the hour, and each part is slightly different. You can generally hear the clock bells across campus, this is the easiest way to tell time if you’re outside.

» If there’s someone right behind you when you’re going through a doorway, you hold the freaking door for them. You don’t even have to let them go ahead of you, just hold it behind you until they can reach the door to keep it open for themselves. (And along these lines, excuse me and thank you go a long way.)

» It is most definitely possible to be sunny and cold. There is a time and place for sandals, and in the middle of a windchill advisory is not one of them.

» What might be an ok indoor volume level in your dorm is not necessarily an ok indoor level in hallways outside of class, in crowded dining areas, lounges in the student center… aka: don’t make me shush you.

Mostly, I find this new level of crotchetiness somewhat entertaining. I don’t spend all that much time on campus, so thankfully my interactions with most of these offending youths is limited. And if you haven’t noticed, I enjoy being able to use crotchety and curmudgeonly as often as possible.