Spring Break! (let’s see if I remember how to do this)

As of 12:50pm today, Friday, February 27th — or possibly a little earlier if my professor is feeling nice — I will be on Spring Break. This will be my first spring break since finishing my last bachelor’s degree back in 2007. And it sort of feels weird. But also not.


So for the not part, that’s largely due to that long lapse of unemployment I’ve experienced. I was pretty much on a break from mid-June 2013 until January 2015.* I had roughly 18 months of being able to do whatever I wanted (within my financial limitations). Or at least 18 months of being mostly obligation free. But spring break is not just a break. It’s Spring Break. There are certain connotations with that idea. Carefree. Party. Beaches. Booze. No inhibitions. And that’s where it feels weird because, hi, I’m an adult now and the idea of a stereotypical spring break does not appeal to me in the slightest.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to travel and have a proper vacation or adventure. But what with the car not working, living off of student loans still for the moment… Eh. I’ve got other ideas for how I want to best use my time off during spring break.

Spring Break Goals:

» Clean my apartment – I know what you’re thinking, guys, way to start off with a bang! One of my initial goals for the year was the have the apartment unpacked by March-ish. I still have some boxes to deal with in the living room, as well as just some basic organization. Also, my guest room really needs some work. Lately it’s just been a storage dump for everything I’m not using or putting out in the other rooms. So now I need to get it set up so it can actually be used as a guest room. Along with this, I’m also hoping I can get my (mom’s old) desk from my grandma’s attic. And switch out mattresses (TL:DR – my dad gave my grandma the mattress I bought, and gave me his; and I want to set things right and get the one I chose). I’d also like to thrift some more to get some final furniture pieces… Hopefully I’ll have some new apartment pictures for you in a few weeks.

» Put some real work into MKGL – For the most part, I really love what’s become of my little gaming club. We’ve got a nice community going. But I’d like to get it more focused, and start working on the broader picture as well as really developing it as a brand.

» Put more work in my own brand – I started that with my State of the Blog post, but I need to actually work on all of those tasks and goals. (And of course, OMG I need photoshop, and all my fonts, on this machines, like, yesterday.)

» Get the car’s plates & registration done – The car might not be working, but I’ve still got to get all that official stuff taken care of. And if I’m lucky, my brother can come out and we can take a look at the engine together. I would have liked to have the car running by now, but the windchill sort of changed the game on that.

» Read! – I’ve got an exam right when I get back from break, and so I need to read a short source text for it on Napoleon. I also have a book I got from the library by Brené Brown that was highly recommended by Laverne Cox. (She spoke on campus recently. I’ll talk about that more later.) Not to mention I’ve got an ARC, who’s due for publication in March so I need to get on reading and reviewing that title soon! (Not to mention, a publisher gave me an ARC of the third installment of series I love, and though it’s already out, I still need to catch up and read that too!)

» Comics! Comics! Comics! – Now that I know which comic book store I’m going to be patroning, I need to actually get out there. Especially since Spider Gwen #1 just came out. And of course, there is just so much I need to catch up on. Plus, in comic related stuff: I need to get some things in order for C2E2. Which brings me to…

» Crafting! – I want to hit up a fabric store to get material to make curtains. I’ve been having a hard time finding ready-made ones in the store, so why not just do it myself? And there’s the C2E2 projects… And I also want to do some paper craft for the apartment… And I wouldn’t mind getting some canvases and painting again… Basically, I want to release some of this creative energy!

While I really enjoy school, and all, it’s going to be nice to take some time to work on that other side of my life. Hopefully after that things will balance out a little better. Anyway, does my spring break read like an old 30-year-old hermit? Yes? Good. Must be doing it right.

*Now, I did work some during that time. 5 months at Northwestern University, which was fairly intense work. But financially, I was definitely still just scrapping by. And then at the end I was temping, but I was super lucky to break 20 hours a week. Not even sure if that happened in the few months I was employed with that agency.