Just the small things

With so many things going on lately, I’ve just sort of been living in my head the past few weeks. Stewing over things and now sure what to do about any or all or some of it. I’ve started putting words to some of it, things I’ll share here soon…

But for now here’s just the small things.

» Most classes are going well. I still don’t like mundane group work, but well, not much I can do about that. I am loving one of my lectures more so than the others. So much so that I’m trying to see if I can squeeze that topic (History) into a minor before I leave. Which, on that subject… it’s looking like I won’t finish in the projected 3 semesters as my transfer advisor had previously led me to believe. The upside to this is that I’ll likely get that minor in, as well as I won’t have to weigh myself down in ALL THE CLASSES EVER each semester.

» I may have gotten impatient/bored and may have made myself blonder again… I blame my roots. Had they been just a shade lighter, I probably wouldn’t have felt that itch. Had my hair been a few inches longer, it might have looked more like a rad ombre and I could have dealt with it. But no. Couldn’t wait. Couldn’t deal. So… I bleached it. As my hair needs time to heal before I do anything color-wise to it again, this is how it’s going to stay for a while…

» I’ve been trying to deal with this social thing for a bit. There’s this kid in my class that I talk to, mainly in a group in my class, but then he started seeking my out around campus. He’s a nice kid, but can sometimes be overwhelming. I just don’t want to be this kid’s BFF and I’m sort of feeling guilt over that, despite the fact that I know I don’t owe him a friendship. I just want to be a nice person, but… but… I mean, he took my computer once and asked if we could be facebook friends (while he had my computer) and then proceeded to show me every single picture of himself on facebook. Like. I’m trying to be nice, but, he’s just too much at times. And I don’t know how to handle the situation without seeming like a bitch or that I only dislike him because he’s different.

» I finally got my title, registration, and license plate in the mail for my car — whom I’m considering naming Bruce. However… now I’ve got a flat tire to deal with. I have no qualms with the cost, it’s just the whole I don’t have the equipment to change a tire myself frustration. And as it’s my brother’s birthday, I’m trying not to bug him.

» While I’d been to the library numerous times now since I’ve become a student, I hadn’t really explored the stacks. Or anything beyond the first floor. Until yesterday. I found the archaeology books. I will likely be spending a lot of time in what I am affectionally calling the book fortress.

Anyway. How are all of you??