Fandom Friday: Prepping for C2E2


It’s the last Friday of the month, so it’s time for my monthly dedicated post to my fandoms! As you’ll remember, the weekly Everyday Cosplay and Fangirl Fashion posts got to be too much for me. So I’m basically blending them into this: a monthly post that allows me to creatively express my joy and love for a particular fandom. While, yes, I do plan on talking about nerdy things unscheduled throughout the month, but I wanted to make sure I dedicated at least one post each month to sharing a creative aspect of those interests.

Anyway. On to it, then.

It’s March, almost April, which means one thing: C2E2.

This will be my third year attending. However, this will be my first year attending and not living in Chicago. So that’s been an interesting challenge for this one. I still haven’t figured out where I’ll be staying for that weekend. But I’ve got a little time to sort that out, and a lot of friends in Chicago with couches.

People I’m excited to see
AquaMoa!, Timothy Omundson, Jewel Saite, Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes, John Ross Bowie, Gail Simone, Ant Lucia, Art Baltazar, Babs Tarr, Chip Zdarsky, Jason Latour, Ramón K Pérez, and of course: Barb, CB, and Jozski.

Aquamoa Timothy Omundson

Panels I’m hoping to attend
Friday: Special Collections,’s Creating Diverse Characters, Banned Comics, Scott Snyder Q&A, Thrilling Adventure Hour Concert Film Screening, Japan Time’s Super Smash Bros Panel
Saturday: Fierce Females of TV, Jason Momoa Spotlight, “Marry, Do or Kill?”
Sunday: Thrilling Adventure Hour, Sean Astin Q&A, The Doctor Will See You Now

*I realize some of these panels conflict with others in regards to time, but a lot of times you just have to feel out a room before you decide to commit. I will say though, if there is a chance to see/meet Timothy Omundson (and his fabulous locks and glorious beard), I will be there.

And the big question: To cosplay, or not to cosplay?
I have yet to cosplay. Ever. And well, I’m not sure I will this year either. HOWEVER, I’m hoping to step up my Casual Cosplay game with some custom made pieces.

Firstly, I plan on making this really awesome Captain American top. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be too difficult. I just need to get a plain shirt and pick up the fabric pieces. My mom’s going to help me with the sewing.

Then, I’m hoping to make a Spider Gwen dress. I’ve got the idea drawn up, but some of the detail, especially on the back, are going to be challenging. So I’m thinking I’ll simplify it for the first iteration. I’m going to keep it all under wraps for now until I can make some progress on it.

Edge of Spider-verse #2: Spider Gwen

For the third day, I’ll probably just wear one of my other nerdy shirts that I already own. Something easy and comfortable.

Are you going to C2E2? What are you most excited for?