Liebster Award! And: let’s get to know YOU.

liebster I’ve been nominated by Ari of Comics and Cookies for a Liebster award!

These awards are fun because it’s an interesting way to learn fun things about various bloggers, as well as a good way to find new blogs. The general rules of this award is that you answer the questions from the person who nominated you, then you nominate 11 other people and ask them 11 questions. And then the cycle continues throughout the internet.

So, to get things going, here are the questions Ari asked to her nominees:

1.) What’s your favourite film?
This one is surprisingly harder for me to answer than it should be. Too many films that I like for various reasons. However, I’m going to go with Dorfman in Love. It’s a romantic comedy, but also a movie of family and self-discovery. Deb Dorfman is in her late 20s, lives in LA, single, and unappreciated by her family. Oh, and hopelessly in love with her brother’s oldest friend Jay. So when Jay needs someone to take care of his cat while he’s away (and unpack/completely set up his new apartment), Deb eagerly volunteers. Then Deb meets Jay’s artist neighbor Cookie. And…. oh how I so want a Cookie in my life. Anyway, the movie’s on netflix, so go watch it.

2.) If you could go into any video game ‘world’ what would it be and why?
If I’m picking for the scenery and beauty, it’d be the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U that’s not even out yet. If I’m picking for just fun and awesomeness, LEGO City: Undercover. It was hard not to envision the entire world as Legos after immersing myself into this game for hours on end. It’s just a super fun and very massive world.

3.) If money was no object, what’s the first thing you would buy?
Buy? I’m more likely to pay off my debt. But if that wasn’t an option, it’d probably be some sort of really amazing adventure. If we’re talking extremely far fetched? I’d “buy” the educational system to make it free for all and work to improve it so that all people can get a quality education.

4.) Baths or showers?
My current tub is too shallow for me, so it’s showers. I would really love a good soaking tub.

5.) What’s your favourite take-away?
Thanks to google, I now know that “take-away” is UK English for what we call “take-out” here in the States. One of the things I really miss about Chicago is just how many options I had in this regards. Where I live now? I’ve got 6 options on Grubhub. There are a few other options in the area than that, but still, my options are really limited here. Right now, I’m just excited that I can get a quart of chicken noodles from Bob Evans for $5. And I just found an amazing, authentic, Chinese place. And since everything is sort of family-sized portions, take-out from here could feed me for a whole week!

6.) Tea or coffee?
Normally I’d say tea. Mainly Rooibos tea. I keep my caffeine intake very minimal — we’re talking mainly only chocolate. So Rooibos was the best source of hot tasty beverage. And thankfully, Chicago had Argo Teas all over, so I could get my fix whenever I wanted. But, no such luck for teappucinos here. And recently I’ve given decaf coffee a try, and really liking it. So I’ve been going that way. Though, I will say, now that I can get watermelon lemonade on campus… that’s my go-to drink now.

7.) If you could see any band or musician, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
I mean, I would be amazing to see the Beatles from the height of their glory days. Talking the era when they filmed Hard Days Night and Help! Or the Beatles from their super, super early days. They’d be fairly approachable then.

8.) What’s your all-time favourite book?
Back in 1999, I declared it was Perks of Being a Wallflower. Then sometime in college it changed to Slapstick (or, Lonesome No More!). And now, it’s sort of like movies. I love certain books for particular reasons. It’s sort of for this reason I created a “crushworthy” shelf on Goodreads so that I can share books that wouldn’t necessarily be 5 star favorites, but titles I loved for one reason or another.

9.) Would you ever go sky-diving?

10.) What would be your dream holiday?
Mountains. Lakes. Hiking. Camping.

11.) Have you met anyone famous?
Yep. Tim Gunn, Felicia Day, Gail Simone, Kyle Higgins, Andrew Bird, Jim Davis, Ryan Theriot…. that’s just from the top of my head. I’ve fangirled out sometimes, but yeah, they’re just people.

And now, for my nominations and questions. Rather than pick out 11 bloggers, I want to call out you. Especially those who’ve been reading and lurking and not commenting much. (But also you who have!) I want to know more about you!!

So. Answer any of these in the comments or on your own blog and then, you know, send me the link so I can see!

1) What’s one thing that you collect, and tell me about a favorite piece in that collection.
2) What TV show do you wish they’d bring back (or never ever cancel)?
3) What’s your favorite brunch indulgence?
4) What subject/topic makes you so excited and happy that the rest of the world seems to slip away?
5) What is your ideal morning?
6) What’s your favorite museum?
7) Salty, savory, or sweet?
8) Online or Brick & Mortar? And if brick & mortar, do you prefer big chains/superstores, malls, or local?
9) The internet, cable & satellite TV, cell services, and every computer, DVD player/VHR, movie theatre in the entire world are down for a day. (Basically no major electronic entertainment is available.) How do you spend your day?
10) What’s the one item in your closet that you would wear all day everyday if it were easier to wear the same thing every single day?
11) And my favorite question from NPR, what books summarize you?