Crushworthy: Things I Like/Love


I’d used the term “crushworthy” a few times. I was once a very short-lived feature on this blog back a few years ago. Recently, I brought it back for my featured goodreads shelf. And so I’ve decided I want to bring it back as a semi-regular feature.

I think we’re all familiar with crushes. It’s a bit more than like, but maybe not quite love. Still significant, still makes us excited — even for silly reasons. They’re fun. So I’m using the label to share things that I like/love. Things worthy of a crush.

» Flavored Lemonade. Or more specifically, watermelon lemonade. It’s like liquid starburst. The cafe in the library recently started offering flavored lemonades, now that the weather is nice. And they are my absolute weakness. I still want to try the blood orange or grape. The lime was disappointing. I just need to be careful with them, because that’s a lot of sugar.

» Baby selfies. And again, more specifically, my 1-year-old nieces who are completely enamored with seeing themselves on my phone’s camera. Recently, when their dad fell asleep, I was playing with the camera with the babies, and one of them saw her dad on the screen and started blowing kisses to him. TOTAL HEART MELT.

» Listening to NPR. I didn’t become an active listener of NPR until I lived in Chicago. I’d listen to it in the mornings on the way to work. Now I listen to the local station every morning as I get ready, and then again at night when the classical music is on while I’m reading in bed. I was a member of the Chicago station, and I’m hoping I can do the same for my new local one. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the local station, after such a high bar was raised by Chicago’s WBEZ, but that was ill-founded worry.

» Moccasins. I’ve about worn my pair right through, and they’re only a few months old. That’s just how much I wear them. It started with a pair of black fuzzy sherpa-lined ones I got as slippers. Then I began wearing them out of the house. Then I decided I should get some proper mocs. But that still doesn’t stop me from wearing the slipper ones out in public, though.

» Concannon’s. Stupid great bakery with their stupid awesome donuts. So much for trying to eat healthy or trying to save money. They’ve been around as long as I can remember, but we never really got them much growing up. Mostly it was a special thing at the track meets across the road at one of the high schools. Well, now they’re not too terribly far away that I can easily pop over on a quick drive. The hard part is not just popping over for some quick trips. (Or not eating all of them at once after I do get some.)

What are your crushworthy things this week?