#JurassicBirthday gift guide

As you may remember, or have deduced on your own, Jurassic World is opening the day before my 31st birthday. Thus: #JurassicBirthday.

I already got myself a pre-birthday treat of the Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy dvd set. It was on sale at Target, and I mean, how could I not? I get that not everyone is all excited about Jurassic World, and some of you might be completely over it due to all the hype. But for me, it represents a couple things. Firstly, I mean, dinosaurs are cool. They’re just fascinating. Secondly, Jurassic Park and the fictional character’s John Hammond’s dream — I mean, that’s the core of my love. Dreaming that anything can be possible — making your imagination a reality. And lastly, ok, yes, I’ll admit it’s campy and ridiculous and that just makes it so amazingly awesome. Especially the sequels. (And I’m hoping JW has this in appropriate measures — given the previews, and trained raptors, I’m sure I’ll get my wish.)

Anyway. I’m excited about Jurassic World AND my birthday. And so with that, here is my dinosaur-loaded #JurassicBirthday gift guide!

#JurassicBirthday gift guide

» View from the Triceratops figure from Modcloth (sold out)

» Fun for you Life wall decor from Modcloth

» LEGO Jurassic Park for Wii U

» LEGO Jurassic Park/World sets

» Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal phone case from LookHuman

» I dig it necklace from Modcloth
(I actually own 2 dinosaur necklaces, but this was the first one I had my eye on.)

» Dino Puns are Pteroble shirt from LookHuman

» Floral Dinosaur tank from LookHuman

» Object d’Artifact from Modcloth

» Purassic Park phone case from LookHuman

» Dino Skulls pillow from LookHuman

» “Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth” print from Etsy

» Dino my gosh dress in navy from Modcloth (sold out again! It always comes back in stock when I don’t have the cash for it.)

Now, I realize most of these are from the same place… but I knew if I spent any time on Etsy looking at awesome dinosaur stuff I’d be there for 5 weeks and never get this post out. The one print I’ve got listed is one I’d saved previously, so it was easy to grab. And also too awesome to leave off.