Oh hey. I’m 31.

I don’t know what 31 is supposed to look or feel like… but apparently this is it.

Erini CS

I feel good, though. But that’s probably not all due to my increased age. I spent part of the weekend cleaning up the apartment and putting more things on my walls. (New tour post coming in a week or two.) There’s also some other good news-type of stuff happening. Just a little financial security, mainly. (Oh the life of a temp worker!) I also found out I aced my Cultural Anthropology course, so there’s that too.

I didn’t do much to celebrate. I’ve got a bad track record for birthday parties, if you remember. So I just went out to dinner with my mom, brother, his girlfriend, and the twins. There’s an amazing Chinese restaurant in town that serves authentic dishes. It’s my favorite. And, outside of one twin not really wanting to sit and eat, the babies loved it too. Other than that it was a pretty quiet weekend. I finally picked up Splatoon, so I’ve been eating away hours with that as well.

I don’t think I’m expecting major things from 31. I’d like to take care of some of my endometriosis stuff — getting my physical and emotional wellbeing back on track. I’d like to keep acing my classes. I’d like to go on adventure with my cousin Saramoira. Hopefully I will have visited Chicago and those absolutely amazing people that I miss so much. I definitely want to go to C2E2. But you know, wherever this year takes me, I’ll make the most of it.

The last year has been interesting. I went through a knee injury. Really unsteady underemployment. Stopped my endometriosis medication. Left Chicago and because of that Mucca. Returned to Indiana. Started school. Bought a car with issues. Spent more time with family. Lost my remaining grandpa. Lost my childhood cat. Dealt with my mom’s hospitalization and health issues. Working on new local-ish friendships (aka Indy peeps). And then bam. 31.

So if nothing major happens this year. I’d be completely ok with that.