My new job is going to spoil me. Or make me fat.

So if you’ll remember, back in May I took a temp job as a receptionist at a doctor’s office to help out until his retirement. Well, the end of June came, and the doctor retired. Thankfully, I was able to secure another job — which started the very next day after ending the first. (Ok, technically it started the Friday before, because I had to do HIPAA training. And OMG those laws are so serious.)

My official title is Medical Records Tech, I think. But really what I’m doing is taking all the of paper charts from the retired doctor and scanning into the new practice’s digital records. It’s a lot of sorting, un-stapling, and attempting not to break the scanner. I’ll admit, it’s sort of monotonous. As my officemate says, sometimes you just zombie-out after hours of scanning. 3:30pm gets sort of hard. You’ve got to get up, walk around. It definitely makes me wish I could consume caffeine.

Despite all this tolerable stuff… there are some really fun perks, ones I was aware of, but never really got to experience: Drug Rep Lunches. Only it’s not just lunches. There are drawers filled with various flavored Oreos and pretzels. Every Tuesday our department gets free Starbucks. Few times a week we get breakfast. Yesterday we got 2 breakfasts and lunch.* And of course the lunch. Sometimes for the whole practice. Sometimes it’s just for our department.  *And sometimes it’s for another department and you crash it anyway.

For three days in a row, we had fried chicken from three different reps. Thankfully, on the second day there was also another meat option (meatloaf) so that was nice. I skipped the third day because that’s just too much for my system. Instead I had leftovers from the breakfast brought to us. (There was so much food brought to that breakfast. We had a whole tray of pancakes untouched, only one person had any grits, and there was a whole box of biscuits left, along with about half of every other dish.) We did get these tiny, adorable little syrup bottles for our hotcakes. And yes, I totally kept mine.

Tiny little syrup

It’s hard because my brain (and stomach) are all OMG FREE FOOD. And it’s even harder when there’s sweets like cookies or brownies. It’s that competitive nature that says you’ve got to grab one before they’re all gone. FOMO rules these meals so much that people (myself included) actually go before our lunch breaks and make plates so we can have them just a mere 30 minutes later. But wait too long and you might miss out on all the good stuff…

My officemate was laughing that pretty much everyone gains at least 10lbs. I have no intentions of letting that happen. Though depending on what they keep bringing each week, that might be tough. My goal is to take advantage of the fruits and veggies as much as possible. But I don’t want to 1) outgrow all the scrubs I just bought, and 2) gain back the weight I’ve lost.

At least for now, this job is temporary. I’ve got good coworkers and seem to fit in pretty well with everyone. Who knows, maybe they’ll want to keep me and can figure out a schedule to work with my classes that doesn’t make me go batty. Right now I’m just happy for a reliable source of income, and well, to save a little money on lunches.