How to make your bedroom feel complete in one simple step. (or: an apartment update post!)

For me, settling in is a process. I need to live in the space and get a feel for it. I mean, the major things like furniture placement I tend to get worked out within the first week of moving and unpacking… but all the little details… those take time. Not to mention the whole going from a studio to a 2-bedroom thing.

Unless you’re following me on Instagram, you haven’t seen an updated version of my bedroom. And in the first apartment update post from January, I didn’t even have my bed frame built. So there’s some big changes from what you blog-only followers have seen. And of course, your friendly feline tour guide wanted to help out. (Which means, yes, she’s finally decided the bedroom is safe post-bug bomb!)

Bedroom, now with bedframe!

Ok. So my bed, to me, looks super weird without all my blankets. But they’re still at my mom’s waiting to be thrown in the laundry. The big big change here, the one that makes my room feel all complete and grown up… It’s the curtains. They don’t even really match my color palate, but they were $10 for the pair — and you just can’t find a good curtain panel for that price. (Thank you liquidation store full of Target stuff!) And don’t let the photo fool you, they actually do a pretty great job at blocking out the sunlight. But it was a major transformation after I put these up. (Of course, I still need a new curtain rod, but that’s an easy fix.) I’m also going to be changing up the table lamp in here at some point. I just haven’t found with what yet.


The “what’s on my nightstand” edition. Normally my phone is up there too. And books, if I’m not reading digitally. Got my Mucca hat hanging from the headboard.

Bedroom closet

This area really hasn’t changed much. I’d like to make that cabinet functional, but it’s not a high priority.

stereo area

But for right now, it’s home to my stereo and some figures. And of course I’ve got my doctor’s office lamp with Spirithood and fedora. Because of course.

closet left closet right

Sweaters and shirts. Pants, skirts, and dresses. I could actually weed this out a bit more. There’s a good handful of these clothes I don’t really wear any more. Just not ready to part with them. And for the first time, I’ve got a closet the cats aren’t interested in — which means less de-furring!

Bedroom dresser

My dresser is a little more beat up than the picture shows. Too many years of moving, I guess. Kaija still think’s it’s a great perch, though. (And honestly, it’s one of my favorite pieces.)

dresser area

I’ve got my autographs from Tim Gunn and Felicia Day — good reminders to be amazing every day when I get ready. My Mucca fanny pack. An old bank from my grandfather. Jewelry and stuff. Yet another shark. One of the things I like about this dresser, besides the oval mirror, is the extra drawers. I use one for hair stuff, and the other is basically my junk drawer. (Aka where all my ikea tools are kept so I won’t lose them again!) The little silver sticker at the bottom of the mirror is one of the “You are beautiful” ones.


I had my eye on a really fun necklace holder… a wireframe deer’s head. But never was able to get it. So a 3M hook works for now. I put my C2E2 pass up there as soon as I got it in the mail — so excited to go, but then ultimately unable to. The Dove wrapper says “You are exactly where you need to be.”

It was completely unintentional, but apparently all of the wording in my bedroom is uplifting and motivating. Given how I like to treat my bedroom as my own nest, it’s not too surprising.

Anyway. That’s my bedroom. I’m thinking of getting a bench or small chair for under the window. Just something for when I’m getting ready. And maybe some more Mucca posters.

The guest bedroom… it’s still a major work in process. And looks even more so because the sheets are in the wash. Eventually I’ll have a desk, my keyboard, and exercise bike in there. I just don’t want it to feel too cramped, or too much like storage. And of course, it needs curtains too. #CurtainsOnEveryWindow. But right now it’s just a wall of stuff. I want it to be my secondary workspace, as well as my niece’s & sisters’ room when they visit. I think I just need a second pair of eyes in there helping me sort out the space.

guest bedroom

guest bedroom

guest bedroom

guest bedroom stuff

More updates will come as I continue to work on my spaces. But I’m really happy with how my bedroom is right now. It’s very peaceful and calming, yet also very warm. Exactly what I need for my bedroom.

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