#ALLTHEPETS (or: a belated 5 Fandom Friday – Fictional Pets I’d Adopt)

Ok. So I sort of fell off the 5 Fandom Friday bandwagon a long while ago. There’s been an occasional one that I’ve thought about doing, but just never got around to it. But I’ve got time and I liked this past week’s… so here goes, a few days late but whatever:

Top 5 Fictional Pets I’d Like to Adopt

lying(ish) cat

1. Lying Cat — Ok, so I still need to desperately catch up on Saga. But Lying Cat has always been one of my favorites. I mean, who doesn’t want a giant sphinx cat who calls you out on your BS?


2. Barkley — Giant muppet dog? YES. I debated between him and the White Lion, but something about the lion’s voice doesn’t fit how I imagine the character… I had some other muppets in mind too (some of the creatures and monsters), but then I realized it was hard to distinguish between what’s an actual animal vs an autonomous being that’d be better suited as a BFF or roommate than to call a pet.*


3. Mort — I mean, how could you resist this insanely adorable mouse lemur?


4. Dug — Always loyal, very brave (ish), and definitely has that adorable factor. And with that spiffy collar I could actually tell what he wants. Sometimes I think I want one of those for my cats, but then again, I hear them enough as it is…

Aaaand now I’m having a hard time settling on a 5th. So because of that I’ll just do a quick list of my runners up:

buckbeak dragons pascal pizzadoglucky rexDirewolf LiloAndStitchWallpaper2800 Rajah

Buckbeak. Dragons. Pascal. Pizza Dog/Lucky. Rex. Direwolf. Stitch. Rajah.

Apparently I want ALL THE PETS. I’ll just go start setting up my home for fictional animals…

*I actually had that debate about pretty much ALL of these characters… But it’s for that reason that Snarf didn’t make the list. (Among others, of course.)