Let’s give this “healthy” thing another shot…

Ok. So I’m not an overly active person. And I may not always make the best food choices (cookies for dinner, anyone?)… I don’t consider myself to be worrisomely unhealthy… but I’m also not in the best shape, nor am I at a weight I’m happy with.

As I’ve discussed before, my endometriosis played a lot into this. Between the condition and a medication both known to cause weight gain, and then becoming less active, and comfort eating… Well. I’m about two sizes from where I was before my diagnosis.

Back almost two years ago now, during a bout of unemployment, I partook in a fitness challenge with Nintendo. I ended up with the most miles walked. 161.3 miles in 4 weeks. Averages out to about 5-ish miles a day. I felt good during that challenge. Even my mom noticed the change. I’m definitely ready to get that feeling back.

Once school starts back up, I’ll be walking about 3 miles most days. And hopefully I can get myself to use my new-to-me exercise bike more often. But I’m also doing one other thing: keeping myself accountable.

My Fitness Pal

I’ve used myfitnesspal.com before. I can’t remember how long I stuck with it, and I have no delusions that I’ll really stick with this for any sort of long term fitness. But, I do feel like this is a good start to keeping myself on target and establishing good habits.

As I mentioned not too long ago, we get a whole lot of food, and typically not healthy food, at my new job. I was curious to how it was all adding up. Well, sort of curious. I kind of really don’t want to know. But I figured if I’m counting it all out, then I might be able to keep myself on track with eating better. I mean, the amount of fried chicken they bring us — even for breakfast — is ridiculous. And then all the sweets.

Yesterday I was good, though. The rep brought in right wing supporting fried chicken and cinnamon clusters (and cookies) this morning, I just got a cup of fresh fruit. And coffee. (Mmm.. coffee.) And side note: who the heck thinks that is an acceptable breakfast?! (And this is the second week we’ve gotten it.) For lunch, salad… and fried chicken nuggets (it gets in your head). I haven’t been eating much for dinner, but I decided to make quinoa and top it with some cauliflower, broccoli, and a tiny bit of kale. I still had calories left over in my daily allotment. It also helped that I rode my exercise bike, so I “earned” more calories by burning more. (Which meant popcorn! Even the buttery kind!)

MFP Day 1

Anyway. We’ll see how this all goes. I’m hoping to reach my goal weight (aka pre-diagnosis weight) by my next birthday. Should be doable. I just need to stick with the good habits.

Have you tried My Fitness Pal? Did it work for you? How about wearables (like FitBit, etc)?