the Student Life: Here we go again!

Didn’t someone say something about a summer break? Wasn’t I supposed to get a summer? Hard as it is to believe, in less than a week I’ll be back on campus and back in classes.

I had originally enrolled in 5 classes, but after what’s gone on this summer with my online classes and with work… I dropped one of my classes — the only online class I’d enrolled in for this term. So now I just have 3 anthropology courses and 1 history… AND I still need to finish my course from the summer.

Here’s what I’ve got:
» Archaeology & Culture
» History of Method & Theory in Anthropology
» Human Biological Variation
» American History, 1492-1876

I’m still a little nervous for how all of this is going to go. I still plan on keeping my job… however, with severely reduced hours. Now I’ve got the (still) full course load and work… And, you know, I want to be able to keep my sanity. So it’s all going to be about balance. Thankfully, my new planner will be here soon (possibly today!), so that will help a lot in keeping everything organized and help keep things from slipping by. And I’m going to try to get better at using it — maybe even taking some inspiration from Erin Wiggle and her planner

Also with school starting I’m going to get some health things taken care of. Thankfully the health center is “free” (aka written into our tuition payments), so I’m going to try to get some lab work done. They can help with “women’s health” but I’m not sure if that covers more than just basic things like paps etc. I’d be awesome if they could do/cover my lap, but yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Anyway. For now it’s just waiting for my loan refund to come in, and then I can get my text books and then just counting down the days until class starts. At least ALL of my classes are in the same building. Now I just need to find some lounges or hiding places so I can get some much needed rest and quiet time (and lunch) between classes.