Hold on to your butts! – LEGO Jurassic World review

If you’ll remember, LEGO City: Undercover holds a special place in my heart. It’s also one of the few games I’ve ever 100%-ed. Though, yeah, the 3DS version isn’t as good because you loose the witty banter. And the script really makes the game. Anyway. LCU is what sold me on the LEGO video games. I tried LEGO Lord of the Rings, and was really excited about it… but… well, it’s a Wii game and not a Wii U game and yes there is a difference. I’m not so fond of the Wii menu interface on the Wii U. So, well, I sort of gave up on the game pretty early into it.

There have been a number of LEGO games that have come out since LCU, ones that have definitely caught my eye… but I never budgeted for them. But when I heard that TT Games & LEGO were putting out a Jurassic World game? I knew I had to find a way to get my hands on it. I mean, just check out the trailer!

(Also, for an actual gameplay trailer, you should watch this one.)

Anyway. I’ve had the game for over a week, logged roughly 19.5 hours, and completed the entire storyline mode. I spent 11 hours just on the story — which covers all 4 Jurassic movies. And after completing all of them, I was just over 34% done with the game. My guess is that if you don’t accidentally miss stuff, you might be about 35-36% done after the storyline… but yeah. The scripted part following the plot of the movies is only a small part of the game.

Lego Jurassic World Storyline Complete

Now, after LCU, this was not surprising to me. I think after you finished the story in that you were only about 40% done with the game, so this was par for the course.

Ok. So the rest of this review will have spoilers. So if you want any sort of surprise with the game, just move along and come back when you finish. I won’t mind, I promise.

The games follow fairly well with the movies. Some things were cut for time, and others were changed for various other reasons. One of the things that had me curious was how to deal with this whole obvious “dinosaurs eat man” issue. If you’ve seen the movies — even just one — you know that the dinos chow down on a couple of people. LEGO games, however, are the opposite of this. There is no blood or death, really, in the LEGO world. Sure, things bust apart, but it’s a very kid-friendly universe. I think, if memory serves, there’s only once or twice in this game that it’s hinted that people are eaten. For the most part, they’ve reworked this so it still remains a very kid-friendly game. So maybe your kid or younger sibling isn’t ready for the big screen dinos, but still interested in playing around as one, this game would be a perfect fit.

While knowing the movies’ plots does help some — it mostly just lets you know what to sort of expect. However, I will say that I have actually not yet seen Jurassic World… I’ve been lazy when it comes to getting out to the theater. Rather than wait until I could finally see it, I decided to go ahead and play through that part of the game. It spoiled maybe a couple things for me, but by this point the internet’s done enough of that anyway.

Since you’re playing through 4 movies, there’s a pretty big cast of characters that you’re going to interact with. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised with was that a good number of the actors from the movies voiced their characters in the game. Some stuff was definitely taken directly from the movies, but in general it was a nice touch. As is typical with the LEGO games, the different characters have different skills. Only certain people can deal with bones, only certain others can do the acrobatics (which, omg gender stereotypes), and only certain ones can shoot or throw things. One nice thing, once you’re in the free play, you can take any character from any movie and play any level. So if you want Jurassic World’s Owen Grady with Jurassic Park’s Ian Malcolm (in his torn shirt “survivor” mode), then you can have it.

Lego Jurassic World Owen & Ian

If you noticed, there’s a hexagon up in the top right — local 2-player option. So you can play with a friend or just switch between the two on your own. I haven’t tried the 2-player mode, but apparently it does a split screen. Otherwise, what’s on the screen can be mirrored on the gamepad, which is typically how I prefer to play. Which also means a single player can do off-tv play and let someone else watch something on the tv while they’re playing — or you know, marathon the movies while you’re playing. If you want to double up on your dinosaur mania.

Lego Jurassic World TRex and Jeff Goldblum

And one thing that I found out… since some characters have different variations, you can make your playable characters all different variations of that one character. So, I mean, how could you not just make everyone Jeff Goldblum? Also, if you notice in that picture… you can play as dinosaurs. And like the people, each dinosaur has their own special traits. Like other LEGO games, you can customize your minifig people and also the dinosaurs. I’ve yet to reach this part of the game but I am super excited to play Henry Wu and make my own dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaur play in built into the storyline, the rest can be done whenever you want in free play — or almost whenever you want. Some dinosaurs can’t go into certain areas. That’s just how it is.

Anyway. I’m completely sold on this game. I can definitely tell that I’ll want to 100% this game. It’s just too much fun and I’ll be sad when it’s done. But that’s what other safe files are for, right?

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

(Maybe having too much fun making Firefly references…)

*Yes, the links to Amazon are affiliate links. Though I have (had?) an affiliation with Nintendo, I purchased this game myself and of course all view points are my own.