And because I need more to do, how about a blog project

For the past couple weeks I’ve had things I’ve wanted to share with you guys. However, I didn’t know how to incorporate it into this blog. Should I make it a feature? Or just go for it? Or start something new?

Or all of the above?

Well, that’s sort of what I did. Rather than pull away focus on this blog — which given that this is a personal blog feels super narcissistic to actually say — I decided to build a new home for this project within my current domain.

So, what in the world am I talking about?

A Seat with a View

A Seat with a View is my space to talk about current events, social issues, and all sorts of things that don’t really fit here. A pseudo-academic blog, maybe? I won’t feel bad if you follow one blog versus the other. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and I finally feel like I’ve found some direction with this. I don’t plan on neglecting my space here, but hoping it will push me to keep it fresh and relevant.

There’s not much at SWAV right now, but I didn’t really feel like waiting until I built up any sort of backlog of content before announcing it.