One book to rule them all… (Or: How I’m managing school thus far)

Three weeks of classes done. Granted, this last week was very short. Labor day plus a sick day. But I’m definitely getting settled into a routine.

Right now, one of the hardest things have been adjusting to going back to work. I went from 40 hours a week to about 6-8 hours (plus 12-ish hours in the class and then all the hours for my readings and homework). Not having a car also makes it a little frustrating. I can get to work fine, there’s a bus that leaves from campus near the building I’m in all day… But when I want to go home? Rather than a 6 minute drive it’s now a 45-50 minute commute that includes a nice long transfer at the bus station. Now, I could take the bus back to campus and walk home, but my knee’s been hurting again, so I’m trying to be careful with it.

Classes are going well. At first I thought my history professor had a grudge against archaeologist (aka my major) — and well, she might… but it hasn’t really been an issue. The actual issue in that class has been that 1) we have assigned seats and 2) the seat arrangement in the room changes every day.

All my anth classes are going well. And because it’s the beginning of the term, all three classes are pretty much going over the same material. But at least that’s just reinforcing the information. It also helps that I just really enjoy these classes. All of my professors are great (that includes the history one) and I’m getting to know some of my classmates (yay friends). I’m planning on talking with my archaeology prof to see if he’ll become my advisor. And I’m planning on participating in our applied anthropology lab (mostly identifying and labeling and cleaning remains, it seems). Now that we’re getting actually into things, since we’re in the 4th week, we’re also getting into our first exams and big assignments. In fact, I’ve got 2 exams this week.

With so much going on, I’ve got to have a way of keeping this all organized. As previously mentioned, I got a new planner at the start of the school year. And let me tell you… I love it. I got the Florabunda classic planner.* florabunda classic planner cover

She’s so pretty… florabunda classic planner side

And has tabbed sections! florabunda classic planner stickers

And stickers! florabunda classic planner month view

A month view with some holidays already highlighted for you. florabunda classic planner week view

And of course a weekly view.

I’ve been using Sharpie pens since they don’t bleed through the page. And washi tape for important things (or multi-day events) — and either regular ultra fine tip Sharpies or Bic mark-its. Nothing else writes on the tape without smudging (or just doesn’t write on the tape at all). And then I also use highlighters to color code everything. Green for readings. Yellow for important. Pink for assignments due (either that day or the next time) and also for exams. And that was all unintentionally similar to a traffic light. I also got some extra stickers, but haven’t really gotten in to using them.

Anyway. I love this book. And love even more that it’ll last until I finish this degree.

So yeah. Things are going well. I’m a little tired, but it’s manageable. We’ll see how I feel next month, though.

*Yes, that’s an affiliate link.