Kamala Khan - Ms. Marvel - How do you be a hero?

FEELING: Mostly good. I got my medications sorted out. Switched back to the ones I’d been on previously (and, as far as I could remember, had good results with). The newest doctor didn’t understand why the LPN at the Women’s Center didn’t prescribe it the first time. Anyway. I’ll be seeing the doctor at the Health Center now instead of going back to the Women’s Center. Both are free, so that’s nice. (The new medicine is not free, though. $145. The old terrible medicine was only $16/month… and now I’m paying, what, just over $48/month… Cost was the reason I stopped taking them last time…)

WATCHING: NCIS. Catching up on the last season of Walking Dead now that it’s up on Netflix. And just started Madame Secretary. I’m liking it so far. Also: TJ playing SOMA (MWF ~4pm Pacific); Patrick Klepek’s Mario Maker Mornings; and random stuff by Lamarr Wilson.

PLAYING: Super Mario Maker. TwoDots.

LISTENING TO: NPR. (That’s never going to change.) Still more 90’s Alt rock, too. And also Alessia Cara’s Here.

READING: Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi. I’ll do a whole thing on the series later, but eh. It’s ok. Not bad, not great. I’m getting ready to read Master Magician and Six of Crows once I finish.

WORKING ON: Papers. And a debate. I’ve got a lot going on with school being that midterms are upon us. Next week I’ve got 3 exams and that big debate presentation. And of course those papers from my summer class that I need to finish up. Also, I’m not actually working on this, but my brother is: I’m going to finally get my Lancer back soon. Just waiting for the new radiator to ship out and arrive. Then we should be all set on repairs for a while — *fingers crossed*.

THINKING ABOUT: I have a lot of thoughts about the gun problem we have here in the states. And it is a problem. Problem with a capital P actually. At what point do we say enough is enough? We’re becoming desensitized to this. We need to remain vocal about this. Granted, I say this and I’m sort of loss for words on what to say, how to say it… Many people have put it much better than I have or could. I just don’t understand how we can keep claiming how great America is when we refuse to take action on this. We’re a world leader all right — a world leader in gun violence. How many more mass shootings is it going to take? How many more people — how many more children — have to die before we finally do something about this?

CRAVING: Uh. Not much really… Though my nausea is gone, my appetite hasn’t really come back. So mostly I’m eating poptarts and V8, but never together. Never together.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting my car back. I’d say fall break, but I’m going to spend it working on school stuff. Fun stuff, right?

MAKING ME HAPPY: I figured out how to make my mom’s beef stew. My new camping/trail seat is basically a cat-sized air mattress. (Kaija even thought so herself.) I wore leggings as pants out in public and didn’t feel naked/shame. Feeling like I’m keeping a good schedule with my school work… And of course getting good grades. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right.