Something had to give.

As you may recall, the beginning of this semester has been quite the busy one. Attempting to balance my four main classes, and then the one left over from this summer, as well as my health, and also trying to retain some hope of keeping my job.

Well, the good news is that my grades are pretty great right now — I’m loving the academic challenge. Also, my health feels more on tract than it has in about 8 months or so. (Or really since I last stopped my medicine.) Work, however? Like the title says, something had to give.

I was really nervous when my boss sent me a text telling me I needed to sign a paper and turn in my badge. I hadn’t been to work in about a month, so I knew this would happen at some point. Honestly, I still had hope that I could figure out a schedule that would work for all of us. But well, health and school always came first. (And it probably will always come first until I finish my degrees.) I like my boss and coworkers, though, even if we have different views/attitudes towards things. I didn’t like the idea that I had disappointed them. And yeah, I was sort of nervous that I was going to get reamed out for just disappearing on them.

When I got there though, there really wasn’t too much of hard feelings. The reason listed for my termination was “no longer needed.” (I was a temp, so, you know, this is the best reason to be let go.) They seemed to really understand that, you know, school comes first and me trying to work during the semester just wasn’t realistic. (At least with them.) I told them that I’d be interested in temping again in the summer, or maybe even see about coming in during some of the break between semesters. We’ll see.

Right now I’m just happy to be at the mid point of the semester. Mainly because these last two weeks were kind of intense. Two quizzes, two big papers, three exams, and a theory debate to co-lead. And now all of that is over. For now. More stuff will be coming soon. Like my take-home essay exam first draft. Yes, the exam in that class can be drafts, and he expects us to rewrite them unless we ace them. (So they’re sort of more like term papers than exams. I think they’re originally called writing assessments in our syllabus. We just recently decided together as a class with my professor that they should be take home. And that we should get a chance to rewrite them.)

Again, if you haven’t noticed, I am loving what I’m doing right now. I feel like anthropology is the right field for me, even if it took a while to get here. (But really, I think all my life experience enhances what I’m learning.) I still need to figure out another source of income (and, you know, managing that with school). But for now,  I can just focus on my studies. And of course breath a little easier for the time being.