Weekends are good times to catch up on the small things.

Autumnal Burkhardt

FEELING: You know, good. The crazy busy week of midterms is over. There was just so much bundled in to a short time frame, that weird warping sense leaked into this week and made it disappear faster than I was ready. So now it’s the weekend and I’m just trying to figure out what I need to be doing. But otherwise feeling pretty good.

WATCHING: Still finishing up NCIS. Just finished season one of Madam Secretary (which has now made me hyper sensitive to the line of succession — like, if Paul Ryan becomes the Speaker, he’ll be right after the VP in that line… and personally, that’s just sort of trippy).*

PLAYING: Not much any more. Still TwoDots at times. Mostly watching others play stuff.

LISTENING TO: NPR. (That’s never going to change.) “Single and ready to mingle” playlist on Songza. It’s got The Black Keys, James Brown, Sam & Dave, Jay-Z, JT, Elvis… It’s just been a fun, mostly chill selection.

READING: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. This is not a continuation of the Grisha Trilogy, at least, not in a canonical sense. It is, though, set in that same world. I really liked the first series, so I was very excited to get back into this world. Now, I’ll likely do a reread before book 2 of Six of Crows comes out. I’ll probably talk about this more in some of my Margin Notes posts, but when an author creates a strong world… I mean, that just seals it for me.

WORKING ON: School wise? I know I have a paper due on Friday. Maybe 2. And then a rewrite of an exam/writing assessment due a week from Monday… I need to get everything sorted and put into my planner. Oh. And I’ve got a rough draft of my term project due some time soon too… I really need to get this all sorted out.

THINKING ABOUT: Cars. The Lancer is done. And not done as in fixed. Done as in I’ve canceled the insurance on it and it needs to find a new home soon. It’s been over 2 months without it, and well, I’m getting a little stir crazy. Unfortunately, with being no longer employed, and having some medical expenses, and all the lancer repairs… well, my funds are tight and I won’t really be in a place, on my own, until January. So I’m attempting to work something out with my mom.

CRAVING: A LOT. I’ve been having a lot of fun in the kitchen now that I’m not nauseous 24/7. I’ve made my mom’s beef stew, my late stepmom’s potato soup, American goulash, and beef stroganoff. I’m collecting some Finnish recipes (with help from my ystävä, Maami), and I cannot wait to connect to my heritage through food.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: one day, probably years from now… cooking with my kiddo. As some of you know, I’m looking into adoption (possibly via fostering), and well, I’m getting pretty excited about it despite its non-immediacy. I’m hoping to make time before the end of the year to meet with an adoption counselor to get more information.

MAKING ME HAPPY: Cooking. Pictures of my nieces. Visiting with my nieces. Cat cuddles. Succeeding in school. (I’ve aced all my things from midterm week so far, just waiting to get grades from my archaeology course.)

*Yeah, I know, this is basic civics stuff you learn in grade school… Apparently they didn’t teach it or, well, it’s been quite a many years since I had a US government course, so, yeah.