Practical, Yet Fun, Gifts for College Students

This year for my gift guides, it’s slightly less about what I want, but more trying to group things in themes that are relevant to my life. This first one, it’s a very big part of my life: the world of academia. These are all gifts that I think would be not only appropriate for any college student, but well welcomed.

2015 Gift Guide: College Student

Going from the top, left to right… (I should have numbered these, sorry…)

  1. Quirky shirts/sweaters. Look Human has you easily covered on this. Purrsonally, I would rock this “All you need is Books & Cats” raglan.
  2. Pillow books from Think Geek. Because your textbook are just not that comfy.
  3. Extra, and decorative, cell charger. I love and their florabunda line. This set comes with an AC adapter and a car one. Another awesome addition to this are the extra long cords, since you can’t always sit next to power outlets.
  4. Coffee tumbler. There are probably a handful of coffee shops on whatever campus. However, rather than wasting your precious money on overpriced lattes, start making your own. Or well, tell your student to make their own. Again, this is from, and clearly expresses the appropriate mode of thought.
  5. Board games! Especially beneficial when you have friends. Settlers of Catan is one of my absolute favorites, and something I first played at Goshen. It’s been on my wishlist since then…
  6. Another money saving accessory: adorable and functional lunch boxes! For the non-dorm dweller who spends a lot of time on campus, this can save quite a bit when you bring your own meals. My 10-ounce thermos has been amazing for having hot lunches on campus.
  7. Flash drives, non-boring ones preferred. Especially excellent for just in case you lose your paper and need to print another quickly.
  8. Moccasins. It’s like wearing slippers to class. I actually need a new pair because I’ve worn through my first.

What are some of your gift ideas for students in your life? Or if you are a student, what’s something you could really use??