24 hours in, I’m bored with Winter Break.

As of writing this, I’ve only really been done with the semester for 24 hours. For most students, this would be a time of relief and relaxations. All exams and papers and presentations are finished. What could be better, right?

This semester has felt so long, and not in a bad way either, that I just feel odd not having something due. It’s like, I have no idea at all what to do with myself. My house feels strange without my large stacks of textbooks, and notebooks, and printed out articles… I actually had a hard time letting go of some of my textbooks. Mainly the theory ones. It’s like, this is the foundation of everything I’ll need to know… and I had some really good margin notes. (I’m actually sort of kicking myself for not erasing them as I don’t want someone else to have them.)

This downtime, not just a weekend or sick days… because even with those, there were still deadlines. And I actually had a fair number of Sunday deadlines… I think it’s mostly hard because I’m finally getting over this cold, so I’m not as sick as normal (just dealing with endo stuff, which is basically normal), so now I have all this energy and feel good.. And I just wonder why I don’t have something else to do.

So far, in this one day of freedom, I’ve cleaned and organized my entire living room, and put away all my remaining school stuff. (Because maybe if it’s out of sight, this break will feel real.) I have I feeling I’m going to put all this energy that I’d put into my studies into housework. Academic to domestic… anything to have something to do.

Anyway. I’m probably the only student feeling like this. Well, outside of one of the new Mucca’s kids. They had a great post online, “I’m bored with winter break. I think I’ll go outside and do science.” I feel the same way, kid. Exactly the same.

Three more weeks until classes start back up.