Savvy Spork Gift Guide: fun cooking basics

Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned cook (ha!) or a newb in the kitchen, these are some fun things that would make anyone’s cooking experience a little brighter.

Savvy Spork Holiday Gift Guide for the Kitchen

  1. Knife set. I’ve gone through a couple knife sets, definitely do your research. But good knives don’t need to be expensive. Or boring. I’ve got a 3-piece set, very colorful, and I love it. It’s got a chef’s knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. And honestly, you don’t need 30+ knives unless you’re a pro and your job calls for it. These 3 knives are really all I need.
  2. Baking set. Ok. so not all of these need to be used for baking. But this adorable one from ModCloth (and yes, sorry, a lot of these can be purchased at ModCloth…) is pretty great. You will need a spatula, and a whisk, and most definitely measuring spoons. And like all things on this list, why not make them fun?
  3. Cookie cutters. Again, not always for baking. When I do a stream on eggs, I’ll show you how I use my fun cookie cutters for one of my favorite breakfast dishes. Again, yes, you can get these from ModCloth.
  4. Measuring cups. Again, another thing you’ll need. Now, cooking vs. baking doesn’t always need exact measurements. But these make things easier. Trust me. Especially if you’re a fan of boxed recipes. Here’s the cat ones from that same site.
  5. Oven mitts. Which can pair well with aprons. Who says you have to get “girly” ones or ones covered in roosters (which, yes, I do have rooster ones because they were a gift). I absolutely love these bear ones and will be getting them myself once they’re back in stock.
  6. Spice sets. You. Will. Need. Spices. And if you’ve seen my streams, you’ll know I’ve got a good spice collection. But, well, I lack a good way of storing it and displaying it. I love this one because cooking and baking is science. But of course the fact that these are fake science labels does sort of bug me. Guess where you can get these?
  7. Spork. Because everyone needs a titanium spork. (I have 3. And I want more.) REI has you covered on these.

Now, these are just super basic, but also super awesome. As I continue with the Savvy Spork stream, I plan on sharing some more wish lists (even outside of the holiday season!) of some of my favorite things in the kitchen.

I’ll have another recipe post from my latest stream (American Goulash) soon. And I’m planning out how we’ll continue the cooking streams in the future. I’m thinking maybe every other week? Or would you guys really be interested in watching me cook something (and then eat it, because that’s what we do on my streams), every week? Any days of the week or times that work better for watching these?