Revisiting my 2015 Goals

Confession: I completely forgot that I made beginning of the year goals. I probably should have printed the list out or something, so I could actually make use of the whole point of goals: self-improvement.

Anyway. Let’s take a look and see how I did, even without any memory of these.


» Read 50 books, preferably beyond what I need to read for classes.
→ Nope. Got 41 so far.
» Get better at keeping in touch with friends. Including new/local ones. Maybe work on whatever anxiety-like issues* that have been interfering.
Eh. Not so much on the keeping in touch, sadly. But I did meat some new local friends within my department.
» Shed some endo weight. Between water weight, stress eating, bloating, and medication side effects, I’m just a little less confident with my body. I’d like to get over that.
Started to, really well, actually. Then I started my new medication and nope.
» Look into Physical Therapy for the knee.
→ Started it. But then quit after a few sessions. I’m terrible at keeping up with things in winter.
» Re-read the Harry Potter series. (Also trying to get my niece to read them, maybe this can be a bonding thing.)
→ All but book 7! I just haven’t found my copy.
» Visit my cousin Saramoira. Self explanatory: she’s awesome.
→ She’s still awesome, but haven’t seen her this year. Did get to see a lot of my other cousins, though.
» Fully unpack the apartment by March 1.
→ Yes, I think. I can’t remember when I “finished” stuff.
» Visit 2 state parks, and 1 national park or monument
→ NOPE. *sigh*

» Maintain at least a 3.0
→ Bested this. I should have a 3.61 overall. Had a 4.0 in the spring, and a 3.75 for fall. Summer was a little worse, but given all that happened, I’m ok with everything.
» Get some of my gen ed credits transferred over. Given that a big part of my major for my first BA was English, I find it frustrating that none of those credits fulfilled my core requirements.
→ Meh. Don’t have to worry about this any more.
» More scholarships. Less loans.
→ Will figure this out for the MA.

» Get a job. Doing the school full time thing is going to make this an interesting challenge, but I need to be able to support myself.
→ Yeah, well, for the summer at least. Once school started it didn’t work out, but at least I had something for the summer.
» Stay within budget. Whatever that ends up meaning for me. I just need to cut out any frivolous spending when possible.
→ Mostly. I probably shouldn’t have gotten so onboard the amiibo hype train and maybe been more selective at first. But outside of this last month, I feel like I did ok. Ish.

» Go on 1 date. Realized at NYE that it’s been about 3 years since I’ve even kissed someone romantically. While I’m good with my singleness, you know, a little admiration from an attractive somebody wouldn’t be unwelcome.
→ Yes. Actually. I went on 2 dates. One I noped it out of there pretty quickly. Another was with a guy who I went to college with at Goshen (but a few years older than me). Didn’t work out, but probably for the best.
» Go to a BSU sporting event. I’m not a big college sports person at all, just figured since I get in for free, why not try it once?
→ Nope. Thought about it. But nope.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I did too bad for the year. It’s been a very busy year, but a very good year. Though, not without some sad points. I’ll do a big end of year highlight post soon.

How’d you do on your goals?