2015 in Review

2015 in Review - adorkableme

I think the biggest change this year would have to be moving back to Indiana. It was hard, but ultimately I believe it was the right decision. But it’s also meant 12 months with no chance to visit Chicago — and 12 months without my Mucca family.


» Getting to spend so much time with my nieces. I’ve been able to have G stay over, and gotten to see the twins magically turn into two smart, inquisitive, and amazing little people. They celebrated their 10th and 2nd birthdays respectively.

» My little sister H’s wedding. Yeah, it was little weird that my little sister, who’s 11 years younger than I, got married — I blame a case of “The Thirty’s” hitting me. But I am so happy for her, and very glad to have A as part of our family now. I also feel that whatever animosity she’s felt towards me in the past, the mistrust, is mostly gone. Maybe we have a chance to fix this relationship still.

» My next youngest sister graduated high school! She’s out of the house and off to a pretty great start to her adult life. She’s got a job, living with friends, and was able to go to Paris and Moroacco this year.

» My two youngest sisters got to spend a long weekend with me. We got to tour the campus and enjoy some downtime playing some Wii U.

» My uncle Phil’s wedding. Technically he’s a cousin, but that’s beyond the point. I’m so happy for him and his new bride. This as also another great time for me to see most of my cousins on my dad’s side. And can I just say, my cousins are some freaking amazing people.

» 4.0 for my spring semester. That was an amazing way to start off my return to academics. And the 3.75 for Spring term wasn’t bad either.

» My fall ANTH classes. For real, I loved my Intro to Archaeology, Theory/Methods, and Human Variation courses. Amazing professors, great colleagues, and great content. I learned a lot and really enjoyed every minute of it, even the stress. And I feel like I wrote some pretty good papers this term too. I also feel like I got closer to my classmates this semester, partially due to the nature of our theory/methods course, but still a big thing. Also got to know some of my future colleagues in the graduate program.

» Deciding to take the leap and apply for the graduate program. Still working on this one, but it’s going well. I also have to thank one particular professor for this, as he’s been an amazing help through this entire process. I’m taking 2 graduate level courses with him next semester, and I cannot wait.

» I had a car for a few hot months, and a couple jobs too! Very appreciative of Dr. H for hiring me to fill in right before his retirement.

» I started streaming! I tried livestreaming my gameplay, but well, my laptop wasn’t too happy with that. However, the cooking streams are going really well, and I look forward to continuing them! Dad’s even loaning me some equipment so I can up my game.

» Thrifting with mom. This is our new favorite thing to do together. Mom and I have our favorite shops to check out, and we’re always looking for more thrift shops and fleas markets to check out. I think my vintage cameras might be my favorite things I’ve gotten. Though the cats favor the doctor’s office chair the most — it’s their favorite perch.


» IsoIsä, my grandfather on my mom’s side, passed away in the spring. It hit me on Christmas that both my grandfathers’ are gone, and that was hard to accept. I miss both of them. IsoIsä is the one who first called me Erini, and the reason I changed my name.

» Bear had to be put down. We got him when I was 15. The last year was rough on him, he went a little senile at times and made a big mess of mom’s house. He had some hip/spine problems too. The last week was super hard on all of us. But, it was his time.

» Mom was hospitalized for a few days due to her heart. She’s ok, but we just couldn’t get it back on rhythm.

» All this endo stuff. I missed 19 days between endo and that stupid cold I got.

» The cats’ first (and hopefully only) bout with fleas. They were beyond miserable. We all were. Kaija has had some recurring issues with her skin. Once I get a [working] car (and my spring loan money), she’ll be going to the vet for some relief.

» All this car stuff. I don’t really feel regret with any of this. Should I not have bought this particular car? Probably not, but I did. None of it has been ideal, but we make due.

Anyway. Tell me your highlights!