Goals for 2016 (sort of…)

We spent the last few weeks looking back over the last year, and now’s the time we start focusing on the year to come. It’s just what we do, especially bloggers, at this time of year. And so of course, I’m continuing to join in.

2016 Goals - AdorkableMe

I will admit, though, that it’s hard for me to think of goals for the entire year. I’m mainly focused on one semester at a time. And I guess, for me, it’s actually a lot easier to work on things when I keep them compartmentalized to these four month pockets. So I’m going to start with my Spring Term goals, then list whatever year-long goals I’m currently interested in. The year-long ones are mostly just sort of fun stuff.

» Get insurance, whether through a job or medicaid.
» Find an endo specialist in the area to discuss treatment plans.
» Begin to loose the weight I put on while taking my endo medications. I was doing well for that one month I tracked my food, but then things got busy, started medication again… and basically all that progress was moot. While I have a particular number in mind, honestly, it’s all just about feeling healthy again.
» Get this car situation taken care of once and for all. Honestly, even if we get the Lancer running, I’d like to trade it in for something more dependable/with less emotional baggage.
» Hike Mounds Park. It’s a local state park that I used to go to all the time as a kid with my parents and grandparents. Beyond this personal connection to it, it’s also a great, local, archaeological site.
» 3 new-to-me and/or “classic” Muncie restaurants. This is part of my desire to start letting Muncie be home for now. Trying out places I’ve never been to, or haven’t been to since I moved away after high school.

» Finish grad school application (letters of recommendation, CV, statement of purpose, GRE)
» Maintain 3.0 minimum in all courses, especially my 2 graduate level courses.
» Become more involved in Anth Club.
» Miss fewer classes. This really goes in the “get healthy” column, but hopefully between managing my endo better figuring out this car thing, I can be on campus more.

» Not borrow money for rent. Whether this comes from saving or earning or a combination, I’d like to not have to ask for help this year. While this is a year-long goal, I’m leaving it with the spring goals, as I think it’s just going to be easier to focus making sure I get through this semester financially but also in terms of “am I ready for the next part of the year?” So it’s a bit of short-term in consideration of the long-term type thing. It makes since in my mind…

Year-long Goals/Optional Spring
» Read 40 books. I know my goodreads goal says 50, but with my academic career about to pick up, I would be very happy with 40 again this year.
» Make use of the farmers market that is right down the street; once it opens up again.
» Finish the dining/serving area of my home. My mom’s constantly telling me to not worry about getting furniture right now, but it’s been a year in this apartment and I have a dining table but no chairs. I want this space to feel like a home, and not just some place I live. I’d like to be able to have guest over — game nights, dinner parties — but there’s no place for people to sit when visiting.
» Bike the Cardinal Greenway with mom. Which of course means getting a bike…
» Build the hiding/climbing tree for the cats.

I’m sure there’s more I could think of for the year/fun stuff, but this is a pretty good start. I’ll likely post individual stuff one some of these, but I’ll check back in after the semester’s over and see where I’m at. Like all goals, I’m not going to hold myself strictly to these or beat myself up if I don’t reach any of these.

What are some of your goals this year?