FEELING: A little tired, but good. Had my first day of classes yesterday, and with how my schedule worked out, I have really long days Tuesdays and Thursdays. Class from 9:30-10:45, my internship for 4 hours, lunch somewhere in that time, and then class from 3:30-4:45. On top of that, I also have an online course. Which I’ve already forgotten about twice. Top that off with staying up late to hang out with friends on twitch… Like I said, tired, but good.

WATCHING: CSI Miami. Yeah, it’s not the best CSI-type show, but I’m in season 7 now… Watching a few other things here and there on Netflix and Hulu. And still keeping up on twitch, of course.

PLAYING: Started getting back into Super Mario Maker. I’ve got 3 new levels up. Need more star votes before I can really upload many more, though. And I’ve also put in so. much. time in Don’t Starve. Just got the Ship Wrecked DLC, and I’ve been enjoying it!

LISTENING TO: NPR. Songza got folded into/bought out by Google Play Music. And though they said all of our playlists will be there, none of my regulars are. And I’m completely saddened by that. The power of a good playlist is just something you can’t take for granted.

READING: A whole bunch of anthropological articles and texts. I’ve got 54 pages (2 chapters) to read for one class, and a chapter and article for another… both due tomorrow. And then a whole bunch of articles to read for my online class.

WORKING ON: Not much at the moment… Because my main computer, my MacBook Air that I bought 1 year ago today, quit working Monday morning. The apple tech guys on campus have it, and thankfully it’s covered by the warranty and apple care. Hopefully I’ll get it back tomorrow. Once I do, I’ll be helping one of my little sisters design her blog, and also be working on getting my setup done for my cooking streams. No schoolwork outside of readings this week, so that’s sort of nice. OH. SNAP. Uh… my grad school application. Totally didn’t forget about that at all…

THINKING ABOUT: Various projects around the home. Furniture, decor, organization (I seriously need a spice storage solution). Maybe I should stop being lazy and put my Christmas stuff away. Also, I apparently have crushes on some of my guy friends. It’s like, I’ve played through this story before, come on Rini, let’s move on. But yeah. Damn you guy friends for being so attractive.


LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting my MacBook Air back. Getting the Lancer back. (Brother seems to think he’s fixed it; I still plan on trading it in, but am in no rush to jump into anything without a lot of research.) Hanging out with my friends online. 3 weeks of no school meant my only social interactions were online, and I pretty much interacted with these people almost 6 days a week-ish. (Minus the holidays.) Oh, and cooking more. I’m getting to the point where I want to keep making new things and forget about all these leftovers stacking up.

MAKING ME HAPPY: Being back on campus. Yes, huge nerd. My classmates. My online friends. Food, but not in an overindulgent way. Naps.