Sunday Lately #01/55

This is my very first Sunday Lately post.* I want to thank Lacey for introducing me to this community, the Blogger Tribe. I’ve yet to even really introduce myself in the group, so I guess I’ll be doing that with this post!

Blogger Tribe - Sunday Lately

This weeks words are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling

Completing: This should totally say my grad school application. I need to meet with some of my professors about this. Mainly it’s the graduate assistantship application part, which is due mid-February, and would mean I need to take the GRE next week… Took me a while to realize that the stress of that sent me into shut-down mode on the whole application.

Visiting: The doctor. I’m starting a new medication for my endometriosis, and the doctor has to administer it. At least the first injection, hoping I can learn how to do it myself. I also need to see them for my eye… It’s either some sort of really mild sinus infection, or I got some thing in it. I’ve been working with 300+ year old (rusty) metal artifacts in my internship, and I have a terrible habit of touching my face/eyes… So there’s a chance something related to that is irritating it.

Repeating: The inventorying/packing process in my internship is very, very repetitive. However, every time I come back to it, either at the start of the day or after a break I’m always “what was I doing?” It’s one of those tasks that just seems like monotonous “give it to the intern” work, but inventorying collections is something I need to become familiar with since it is indeed an important task for collections management positions. And honestly, it is interesting seeing, and holding in my hands, pieces from our country’s early history.

Writing: My ethnographic research project proposal. It’s not due ’til Thursday, but I’ve already got some ideas and want to get them to (digital) paper. Otherwise the only handwriting I’m doing is margin notes! This is why I loathed returning my theory textbooks, I had some really good notes in there.

Scheduling: like a Boss! Ok. Maybe kidding here. But you know, I think my spring semester is going to work out ok. I know I talked about this in my last Currently… post, but yeah, I have long days on campus (a little over 7 hours, with very small breaks). But it’s only 2 days a week. And now that I’ve figured out how to take my lunch in the middle of my internship (why this was a confusing matter to me is beyond myself), well, it’s feeling pretty manageable. Plus, I’m sleeping a little better, I think. Now I just need to work on schedule my cooking & gaming livestreams during the week! (As well as maybe finding a job.)

Also in Scheduling… I’m hoping to check out a car soon. My brother got the Lancer fixed (yay! my brother is the best!), but I’d still like to trade it in. Fingers crossed things work out. I have a tight budget, so it’s hard to find those good cars at low costs before someone else snatches it away. This one meets a lot of my criteria, but needs the brother’s stamp of approval.

*That’s why the numbers look weird. I may eventually switch over to their numbers completely, but the whole group is on their 55th Sunday Lately post, while this is just my first.