Sunday Lately #03/57

I really do mean to blog between Sundays, but hey, at least once a week is better than nothing, right?

Blogger Tribe - Sunday Lately

This week’s words are: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting.

Doing: So. Many. Stupidly. Embarrassing. Things. UGH! Last week I was testing out Discord with a friend — it’s voice chatting app made primarily for gamers. And. Well. I didn’t know it automatically turns your mic on. And that friend who was helping me test it out? He’s attractive. And I probably said as much. … Then, last night, I was getting some things set up for my cooking stream this evening on twitch… and OBS, the program I use to broadcast my streams, went live. THREE TIMES. Which means my mic AND my webcam were live on my stream for a while before I noticed. Thankfully I deleted the archived videos from my channel. But. But. UGH.

Appreciating: 1) My twitch friends. I got some really hard news this week, and was basically an emotional wreck all night. I pretty much kept it to myself until the end when one friend asked if it was school or something else bothering me… and, well, it was definitely something else. I feel really torn sharing news like that. I mean, I needed the support and love, but I don’t like dragging down the group mood with my own issues. But I love them much and am very grateful for them. 2) My professor and future grad school advisor. Not only has he always been understanding about my health, but he’s been so encouraging of my studies and interests. He continually sends me leads on internships, or telling me about books relevant to my interests. It’s just nice knowing I have someone like him rooting for me and in my corner. 3) Sleep.

Designing: Well, soon, I’ll be helping one of my little sisters out with her own blog! I’ve been thinking of maybe doing a redesign here, but nothing really stirring me yet…

Humming: This ridiculous Russian pop song… (Ugh. F U Sushi)*

Expecting: A book in the mail soon? It’s museum related, and suggested by the professor I mentioned above. I’m really expecting much of anything right now. Just trying to get by.

*Sushi, aka Fish Bits, is one of my twitch friends. F U Sushi.