Sunday Lately #05/59

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Blogger Tribe - Sunday Lately

This week’s words are: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being.

Updating: Small things? I feel like I’m sort of in stasis right now, just chugging through as best as possible. I’d love to update my wardrobe, but not really inspired by anything I’m seeing in stores. I’d love to update my furniture and pieces in my home, but I’m trying to be budget conscious. And I’d love to update my hairstyle, but still waiting for it to grow out, so there’s not much I can do.

Remembering: My grandfathers. My mom’s dad (IsoIsä) died not quite a year ago, and my dad’s dad (Grandpa) passed 2 years ago. Recently, Kate published this touching piece about discovering more of her family history, and it had me thinking about my own family history. Grandpa (and his nephews) were really into genealogy, so I grew up hearing stories of various relatives or even Grandpa’s own time as a Navy SeaBee in WWII. However, I don’t really know what he was like when he was my age. One of my uncles did say, though, that I reminded him a lot of my grandpa, and that’s probably one of the best compliments I could get. With IsoIsä, though, it was different. He developed meniere’s disease before I was born (I think), and so he’s never had great hearing. We connected a lot through our Finnish heritage (his parents moved to the states in 1904), but I never really knew much about my family on his side. At least not until later, and even after he passed. I miss both of my Grandfathers.

Needing: My body to get a grip! This whole year has been just off and on terrible in regards to my health. My body’s still adjusting to the new endo medicine, so that’s been fun. And now I’ve got either a cold or flu or strep. Oh, and on top of that endo stuff as well. I need a break from all of this. Just a chance to feel human again! I also need for my car to sell so I can buy a new (to me) one. And maybe also need some diced chicken with dry chili from Dumpling House…

Wearing: My standard positive attitude armor. One of the best lessons I learned in life is to just keep going. There’s always going to be something that sucks or is less than ideal, and you can’t give that control or ownership of your life. Honestly, I think living with endometriosis has really driven that lesson home. It’s all about focus and not giving those negative things more attention than they need. No need to fake happiness, just focus on the actual good things and the happiness will come naturally. (Also: soon to be wearing my new favorite shirt from Handmade Escapade!)

Being: A little too loose with my food budget. When I get sick, I hate cooking. Nothing sounds good. And I hate making messes that I have to clean. So takeout is king when I’m sick. But sadly that is not budget friendly. I’m still having a hard time talking myself out of running up to my favorite dive-y dinner to get some biscuits and gravy.