Sunday Lately 60

Sundays mean joining up with the Blogger Tribe for Sunday Lately!

Blogger Tribe - Sunday Lately

This week’s words are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling.

Completing: the Sage that is the Lancer. In other words… I sold my car! I’ve had it on Craigslist for about a month, overpriced for sure. Reduced the price a bit over a week ago, got a lot of responses. Then I found out that I misplaced the title. So I had to order a replacement. It came in yesterday, and I got back in touch with one of the people who’d texted me about it… and within a half hour I met him at a grocery store parking lot and we were signing over the title to him — cash in hand for me. I still wish I could have gotten a couple hundred more for it, but honestly, this was the absolute minimum I would have taken anyway. Now it’s done. And now I’m back to bumming rides from my mom again. At least until I can get another vehicle.

Visiting: the massage therapist. It was so. amazing. Maybe not the best massage I ever paid for, but definitely well worth it. After the flu thing and dealing with my endo stuff, my body was just so freaking sore. It felt like she was pushing the toxins out of my body. It was great. I’m still sore, but feel so much better than I have in weeks.

Repeating: the search to find things to watch on Netflix. I recently got hooked on iZombie. Then Nurse Jackie. Just waiting to find my binge fix. My brother’s girlfriend thinks I should try Jane the Virgin. Maybe. I don’t know.

Writing: Research Proposals. And also rewriting research proposals. I’ve got a small project on the commodification of native cultures in regards to cultural tourism for my online class — or at least that’s what I proposed. My prof in that class is suggesting something like native representation in museum exhibit planning, which would also be awesome. Then I’ve got another small one on local architecture (and I have so many ideas on this one). And then there’s my big one for the semester: an ethnographic study at one of my favorite museums ever. I’m in touch with a director of exhibit design (OMGOMGOMG) and am working on focusing my research a bit better before we move forward. I am so excited about that. And there’s also another one for my thesis in the fall that I need to start working on so I can get funding — also involves commodification of culture and cultural artifacts.

Scheduling: EVERYTHING. Being sick for 2 weeks means I need to retweak my schedule so I can catch up on all of my classes. Mostly I need to reschedule/manage better my days because I need better study habits. I need to make sure I don’t get behind on everything. There’s just a lot going on, many projects, and I need to get working on all of them!