Sunday Lately #61

Sundays mean joining up with the Blogger Tribe for Sunday Lately!

Blogger Tribe - Sunday Lately

This week’s words are: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling.

Planning: out my entire semester. This semester has not quite started how I’d like. I’d missed half of my classes so far. (More on that at the end.) However, 1) I have amazing professors who are working with me, and 2) as a person with a chronic illness, I’m kind of ok at making sure I don’t fall behind. However, when part of your requirements are 100 hours in the lab, well, this takes a little extra finagling. I know I can get this done too, but, well, this is the first time my supervisor has worked with me, so I can see why she might be nervous I won’t get all my hours in.

Loving: Digging deeper into local history. My mom and I were driving through various parts of town we don’t frequent much, and I just loved having her tell me about what it was like when she first moved here (back when she was in middle school or high school, I think). Some of the building and business are still there, a lot have changed… There’s just some really neat stuff. I’m also loving, like seriously loving, my friends who are constantly pushing and educating me. It’s Black History Month, and I really don’t feel like you even hear much about that still. I am so grateful for my friends (of color and not) bringing issues and important parts of history to my attention. This idea or notion that “oh it’s not my history, why should I be celebrating/commemorating?” is completely bull shit. That’s part of the problems. Black History is “mainstream” history — it is so insanely integral and interwoven. But until we actually see and acknowledge that on a national level, then yes, we need a dedicated month to remind everyone of this fact.

Reading: into too many things. Like, I just want my brain to stop sometimes. It’s part of the reason I have issues focusing in my research — I over think everything just as much as I’m overly excited about everything. It’s constantly “but what about this?!” And on top of that, just the general anxiety of building friendship and such again. I don’t know. Sometimes I think I’ve hermited too long and just need to spend some time away from my own head. (And honestly, I really wish my “reading” could just be books I’m enjoying, but there’s little time for pleasure reading.)

Wishing: I knew what was up with my dishwasher. It’s taking sometimes up to an hour before the cycle even starts… and I’m getting lots of white water spots on everything. I just don’t know what’s up, and need to call my building maintenance because there’s no way I’m going to start poking around without really knowing what’s up. (And yes, I do use a booster because they took the phosphates out of the detergent, used to work perfectly, but now not so much.) Also. I really wish I had a deeper tub. Like really wish. I sit down, and if I barely move my knee it’s out of the water. Not relaxing at all. It’s barely deep enough for my niece when she visits. My body is craving a deep soak.

Feeling: Crummy and Annoyed. As I mentioned, I’ve missed half of my classes. Some of this is endo related and just part of my life. But it seems like, especially for the last 3 weeks, I have some sort of bug that I cannot shake. I’ve had fever, chills, stomach problems, body aches, extreme dry mouth, dehydration, fatigue, headaches, more stomach problems, nasal congestion, and a cough. This thing will just not leave my body. I thought it might be strep, since it was mostly focused in my throat, but I really have no idea.