Farewell, Spring Break… Hello, convertible!

Can I say that it’s weird, but also awesome, to be in your 30s and have Spring Break again. Also, I cannot remember last year’s spring break at all. Like, 100% no recollection — and it’s not like I went out and partied. I probably slept through it. Which… is not too far off from what I did this time.

The goal was to complete about 20 hours of my internship. I got just below 9. Halfway through break I got hit with this extreme fatigue and I have no clue where it came from. All I know is I woke up, took a shower, and immediately needed a few hours nap to recover. Top it off, all my knuckles were swollen and super stiff. I could barely make a fist or straighten my fingers out without pain. It was like the youth of my body went on Spring Break without me.

I did however accomplish those hours. And I made arrangements for myself and some other students in my department to get a behind-the-scenes at my favorite museum ever. And I drafted out my CV and (outlined) my statement of purpose for my grad school application. And, AND…. I bought a car.

Yep. I am now vehicle’d again. About 2 weekends ago, I get a call from my brother that his father-in-law* found a car for me. And he was following behind it, because his FIL had gone ahead and bought it. Well, ok. I wasn’t locked into the car though, if I didn’t want it FIL would keep it. It just needed a little work and he’d let me know about cost and all that.

Just this past Wednesday my brother texted “[FIL] said car is ready. [price]” … “And you’re cool with it?” “If you don’t buy it, I will lol” … And that’s when I shot him down because he already has cars and I cannot keep relying on our mother to chauffeur me everywhere.

Oh, did I mention this was a convertible? (Ok, so the title totally spoiled that, but whatevs.) I’d never really thought about getting a convertible. I have nothing against them, but just hadn’t given them much thought. To be honest, I had my heart set on a station wagon. I love the idea of being able to haul stuff. As well as going car camping. And, well, it would transition well into a mom-car. (Which my family is all too quick to point out that I have no kids of my own, and ignore the fact that I’m hoping to start the adoption process once this degree is done — and frankly I’ll be starting parts of it before I finish just so I’m really prepared. Anyway.)

I also never really thought about getting a Cavalier. I remember being in high school and my BFF at the time and I were adamantly against Cavaliers and everyone who drove them. All because we’d had a bad interaction with one or two. I only remember the one, but I feel like another supported our case. We were at a coffee shop near campus, being cool high school kids who drank (overly sugared) coffee drinks, and this dude cruised by a couple time in his Cavalier. It was blue, I think. And I remember we were not interested. Which when he realized, he proceeded to yell out stuff and call us bitches. And thus my distain for the car.

Thankfully, I am not really that picky any more. And, well, thankfully it did not take that long for FIL to fix the car! I drives well, has no rust that I’ve seen, only a couple small dents that are not noticeable until you’re looking for them, and just has a few cracks in the dash. The top works great, and I’m able to manage that and it’s boot on my own. (Did you know convertibles had boots for the tops? It hides all the stuff and keeps it protected when the top is down… and just makes it look nicer. But it means snapping things in place before I can really go anywhere.) Mostly I’m just happy it drives and does so well, because the Lancer didn’t. It’s also niece approved. G got to go on my test ride with me. She was grinning so big. She wants me to keep the car nice for her, so she can have it when she turns 16. There’s a good chance that could happen, given that I believe the car will definitely last me the next 5½ years.

2000 Chevy Cavalier convertible

She’s not fancy. Well, she kind of is, being a convertible and all. But still, for a 16 year old car, she’s doing great. And had over 100K less miles then the Lancer had. So that’s an extra bonus! Well maintained, super clean, and thankfully fixed up by FIL. I still can’t believe I own it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t exactly pick it out, but still.

I’ve only had it for a few days, but I’m loving it. I cannot wait for summer to take as many road trip as I can!

Car’s name, TBD.

*Not technically his father-in-law, but he’s still family.