Crushworthy: Current things I’m loving


It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of crushworthy list. I’d been meaning to for a while, slowly building up things to add to it. But of course, I didn’t write any of those down, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten some.

Crushworthy 03-18-16

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream gel – When winter was going crazy and essentially drying out my whole face, I ended up having really bad eye issues. Like, I constantly looked like I was crying because my eyes were watering almost 24/7 due to being so dry. A nurse at my OBGYN told me about a gel that worked miracles, didn’t mention a brand though. So I did a little search at my local store, and was honestly debating this one and another more “natural” brand… and as you can see went with this one. It’s absolutely amazing. Just a teeny tiny drop for the skin around each eye and I have no more issues.

2. Emerald’s Dill Pickle Cashews – Ok. So I totally thought these were going to be weird. But OMG I could not stop eating them. I’m sort of obsessed with all things dill right now. Or maybe just most things dill. I also highly recommend their salt and pepper cashews, too. Those were also really great.

3. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked & Don’t Starve Together – I’ve logged over 120 hours in Don’t Starve, though I’m not sure how many on just Shipwrecked alone. But now that we’re getting into final updates in Shipwrecked, and I can now mod the world, I’m logging in a few more. I just unlocked Wilbur’s character (finally) and so I’m trying some new runs with it. I’m hoping we’ll see some updates with Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer version of the game. It currently doesn’t have anything from the Shipwrecked DLC. Mostly I’m waiting for the characters to port over, but we’ll see if/when that happens. (Most likely when. I hope, I hope.)

4. Redbud Suds – I went to college with the woman behind Redbud Suds, Aubrey — and Goshen being Goshen, a lot of our close friends overlapped. I had seen her mentioning her soaps on facebook for a while, and after eyeing all her products for a few weeks, I decided to jump on board! I bought a body soap and shampoo — and while it’s still early on, I am definitely ok spreading the news and supporting her company. I plan on blogging more about my experience with the shampoo bar, once my hair adjusts to the change. But I love the way the Sweet Honey Oat body bar makes my skin feel.

5. True Citrus – My mom turned me on to these a few years ago. We use a lot of the packaged crystals in our water, but we also have some in shaker bottles that we use in cooking. I use my True Lime crystals in so many dishes. I also have an orange and ginger one that’s really good, too.

6a. Hawaii 5-O – I’ve never seen the original, at least not a full episode. The theme, though, I knew the theme. I’ve gone through a lot of crime drama type shows. Especially a lot of the crime scene stuff. While this is probably not all that great of a show, I still love it. For one, any extra B-roll of Hawaii I can get, I’m down with. I also really love seeing all these Asian American actors. Which includes Daniel Dae Kim (swoon) and Teila Tuli as Kamekona. Also, you’ve got to love a female sniper.

6b. iZombie – I’ve mentioned this one before. I was hesitant to start it because it just looked dumb. However, I got hooked really fast. Yeah, it is kind of dumb, but I still love it. And hate that I missed the first part of this last season on Hulu before they took those episodes down. So now I’ve got to wait until it’s finally up on Netflix.

*Yes, there are affiliate links up there. I’ve got a lot of books I want to buy and need those amazon referrals.