That time I tried Watermelon PopTarts…

Ok, first, let me say this is not a sponsored post. I bought these with my own money, because I was genuinely curious about these. I am in no way affiliated with Kellogg’s or PopTart, received no compensation from anyone, and all these opinions are my own.

I love watermelon. It’s my absolute favorite flavor in so many situations. Watermelon sorbet? YES. Watermelon cupcakes? YES. Watermelon lemonade? YES. I love all these things. They’re amazing and I could consume my weight in them. I also just love eating watermelon, too. Of course.

So while out shopping with my brother one weekend, we saw some new limited edition PopTart flavors. Chocolate caramel, Maple Bacon, and Watermelon. My only prior experience with limited edition PopTarts, that I can remember, are the pumpkin pie seasonal ones. They aren’t bad, definitely need toasted. It’s not pumpkin spice, for sure, which was great. But it was like a little pocket pumpkin pie — which was what I wanted. Anyway, when I was shopping recently at my local discount grocery store, I noticed they had actual Kellogg’s PopTarts (not just their own store brand). And low and behold they had the Watermelon ones. (And also the chocolate caramel, but I wasn’t as interested in those. Sadly no maple bacon.) So I bought a box.

PopTarts Watermelon flavor

I figure, if I’m going to try these, why not document it. (And apparently document it early morning without make up and some crazy hair I attempted to hide behind a headband… because yolo?)

PopTarts Watermelon

I mean, these ones look fun. Ignore the brokenness of them, because I may have dropped the box at least once while trying to put my groceries away. But anyway. Bright pink and green. Almost like the 90s painted themselves all over my breakfast. And it’s a lot more vibrant and 90s looking in person, don’t let the lighting in the photo fool you. They’re pretty much on par for the color on the box.

Anyway. Frankly, as much as I love watermelon, I was super nervous. I don’t like fruit-flavored PopTarts. I never have. Give me s’mores or chocolate fudge or my all-time favorite: frosted brown sugar cinnamon. But any of the fruity ones? Gag. No. I cannot stand them.

Watermelon PopTart taste test

Preparing for that first bite… what did I get myself into? Is this going to be terrible? Is this going to be my absolute favorite thing ever?

Watermelon PopTart first bite

As you can see, I’m still not sure what I just put in my mouth.

Watermelon PopTart taste test

Is this really bad? Is it ok? It kind of tastes like watermelon. Maybe I need a bigger bite…

Watermelon PopTart taste test

What did I do? Why did I take such a big bite?!

Watermelon PopTart Taste Test

Overall, yeah, they kind of taste like watermelon. And for sure they leave a watermelon aftertaste. But… I don’t know. Something is just off. Almost like it’s too sweet for watermelon. Which, I mean, I like watermelon lemonade which is also sweet. But it’s sour. There’s a balance. With the PopTarts… I don’t know. I think it’s still just I hate fruit-flavored PopTarts and that’s just never going to change. Maybe if they make a fig one. Because it’ll essentially be a giant newton.

The thing is though. Even though I wasn’t really a fan of the watermelon PopTarts… I kind of want to keep eating them. And I have no idea why.

Let me know if you try this and what your reaction is. Also, if you’d like me to try the Maple Bacon and review it online — would you want more awkward photos in a blog review, a short instagram video review, or an actual youtube review? Or should I just enjoy my poptarts in the privacy of my own home?