Let It Be live: Celebrating the music of the Beatles

One of the things my mom and I have always shared is a love for the Beatles. I mean, that was definitely her generation and all, but come on. It’s the Beatles. They’re timeless. And amazing. So I grew up listening to their music, watching their movies on repeat, and basically trying to get my hands on any and all collectables that I could. Either for myself or as gifts for my mom (which I would secretly plan to sneak back someday).

So when I found out that a Beatles cover band was playing on my mom’s birthday this year, well it was only too obvious what our plans would be.

Let It Be is an internationally touring group, calling itself a “celebration of the music of the Beatles.” And it really was. The night starts off going through hits, showing the history and progression of the Beatles. They start with their performance on Ed Sullivan to the last album they recorded together, Abbey Road. The group would preform 4-5 songs, then the curtain would fall and videos would play one these old school looking giant prop tvs on the side of the stage. They’d come back on with a set and costume change (even changing their hair and facial hair as appropriate for that stage of the Beatles’ looks), and go through the cycle again.

Photo Apr 01, 7 32 57 PM

We were towards the back of the auditorium, but frankly for shows like this, it’s kind of better that way. You can sometimes lose yourself in the music and the whole atmosphere and almost, if you’re lucky, think maybe it’s all real.

The thing with tribute/cover bands like this, though, is you know it’s not real. For one, the audience isn’t going absolutely crazy. I mean, there were times when you couldn’t even hear the Beatles perform because people were screaming so much and so loud. At our show? Well, there were a lot of old people so even just getting them to stay standing was a challenge. But, I will say, you could tell everyone was enjoying it. People were dancing, singing along. During one part of Live and Let Die, a big group not to far behind me perfectly did the backup echo part of the song and it was just hilarious and amazing.

The company of Let It Be did a really good job. But it’s hard to completely pull off perfect impersonations both just talking and singing. However, there were definitely more than a few moments when I was wondering if they we’re just lip-syncing to an actual Beatles album rather than performing. They had great on-stage personalities, lot of energy, and were just really great musicians. (My mom, a musician and music ed person herself, maybe got a little critical at some tiny things, but for real, like I said, it’s hard to try to make yourself an exact copy of another person let alone getting a group together to do that with a band such as the Beatles.)

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After Abbey Road, the curtain came down and the lights came up. It seemed too soon for the whole concert to be over. Thankfully it was just an intermission. With all those costume and set changes, I could see why I break was needed. Mom and I tried to discuss what they could be doing next, given that they took us through a big history. Maybe a variety now? Would they even include some of their solo stuff, my mom wondered while admitting that might be weird.

Well… They gave us what it might have looked like had the Beatles gotten together for one last show, a reunion, finally, taking place on John’s birthday. They guys kept up the energy and the personalities. It was really a lot of fun. At one point Fake-John said something about playing one of George’s songs, to which Fake-George replied ‘Who’s George?”

I appreciated while they were in character, they also acknowledged that no, they weren’t the Beatles. But they are indeed talented performers, who put on a great show and were a fun way to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Also bonus points, um, these guys are hot. While I couldn’t really see them super well from way back where I was, I looked them up when I got home and confirmed my initial thoughts. So yeah, always a nice bonus to watch attractive people celebrating something you love so dear.

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