Buy my clothes! (So I can buy groceries)

We all have clothes just sitting in our closets, taking up space and hanging sadly, forgotten and rarely/never worn. Personally, I hoard clothes a little bit. I always think, yeah, I’ll find an occasion to wear that. However, after years of toting these items around, it’s time for me to say my goodbyes and send them off to a new home where they will be worn and loved.

So I’ve listed a few of these on Poshmark — a #shopmycloset social platform. Here you can find a variety of clothing at pretty amazing discounts.

Poshmark Shop My Closet

I’ve priced mine mostly at not-far-off from half off. In all honesty, I priced them at these rates because I am desperately broke and need grocery money. (Like, for reals, I have $50 in my bank account and that has to last me until May 16th, assuming I get my summer student loans on time. Just want to be completely transparent about why I’m trying to sell you stuff.)

So yes. This is me, ultra broke, begging you to please buy my clothes! If you want more detail about a particular item, hit me up! I can give more details and/or better photos. I might be adding some shoes (size 7 mostly) and accessories (purses/bags) in the next week or so. And maybe more clothes as I become a bit more critical about clearing out my closet.