Crushworthy: Podcast edition


Thanks to my job at the library, which includes many hours of tedious work in databases, I’ve started listening to podcasts. I tried music at work, but my streaming apps kept playing the same damn songs all the time. Plus, my brain was going crazy because the music wasn’t really doing much for me. I always thought it was weird, but sometimes doing absolutely nothing can be way more tiring than when you actually keep your mind stimulated. Since I started listening to podcasts, I actually am coming home in better moods — and don’t always want to fall asleep at 7pm.

Here’s my top 6 podcasts: (aka where you see just how big of an NPR fangirl I am…)

Podcasts I love, July 2016

  1. Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! It all started here. I never remembered to listen on the radio on the weekends, so this was one of the very first podcasts I ever started listening to. Once I stopped taking public transit (due to lack of employment and then later moving), I’d stopped listening. I’m very glad to have this back in my life. I love playing along and testing myself on current events.
  2. This American Life. This is the other podcast I’d been listening to for a while. I love these peaks into other people’s stories, all based around a theme. And Ira. You’ve gotta love Ira.
  3. Invisibilia. I just really stumbled on this one, but man is NPR pushing it hard. And rightfully so. These ladies take a look at the “invisible forces” that guide our lives and make us who we are. I absolutely love it.
  4. Hidden Brain. Shankar Vidantam was always an NPR personality that I loved hearing when he showed up on Morning Edition. All of his stories were so amazing and captivating. Hidden Brain is his show. It’s full of these stories I only really got snippets of during Morning Edition. It’s sort of like Invisibilia in many ways.
  5. Revisionist History. This one always makes me think. (Ok, I’ve listened to two episodes, but still, my point stands.) I’ve actually gotten some really interesting theory ideas from this podcasts. Gladwell takes points in history that maybe weren’t explained well, or at all, and tries to shed new light on it. I want more and more and more of this podcast.
  6. Lore. I’d heard my roommate talk about this podcast all last semester before she moved in. But I never really paid attention to what it was or anything. Then I randomly stumbled upon it in my quest for content… Mahnke is a great story teller. I kind of want to read one of his books now. I’d always been fascinated in the supernatural and fantasy and myths. And lore is 100% that. My only complaint is that they are short. Around 15-20 minute each.

Honorable mentions:
Shepod – I love Rachael. I’ve been an acquaintance since our 20SB days. She is an amazing person. On Shepod, they ask the same questions each week (ish), but it’s never the same. I mean, it’s brunch in podcast form. If I had any complaint, it’s that there’s a lot of talk about being skinny or losing weight. It’s not a focus, but comes up almost every week. And, well, it’s just one of those things “I don’t diet, can I still be awesome, guys?” 100% though I know that’s not how they want to come off at all. Like, there is no fat shaming whatsoever. It’s just something I noticed.

Also, one interesting thing I noticed: podcasts which do not have any background music during the pieces are a lot harder for me to get through. I know some are budget issues, but man, having good sound really brings a piece together and just takes it to a new level.

What podcasts do you listen to?? What would you recommend to me?
(Also, yes, I know I need to add Fake Goth Girls. I think I’ve just been hesitant because I haven’t watched GoT and while I don’t think they would spoil it, I know they are both major fans… Lamest excuse ever? Lamest excuse.)