One month.

Ok. So I have to admit. I am terrible at Summer-ing.

I never thought I was bad at it. In fact, I think I did pretty well at Summer-ing in Chicago. But here? This summer? Yeah, it’s like I have no idea what to do. I stay at home and watch netflix. Or maybe occasionally play video games. More often I’m watching other people play video games. I don’t really care for my shorts. Or my tank tops on their own. I just want leggings and cardigans all day every day. So basically my compromise has been maxi skirts all the time.

While we technically have 2 months left of Summer… there’s only 1 month left of summer break. One. Month. It didn’t really feel like much of a break at all. Started off with my internship — which I’ve been meaning to write about — and then switched right into my job at the library. Any time off I’ve had recently has only been because my endo’s flaired up (because I’m off my medicine because I can’t budget it right now). It’s all very much “wait, what happened?”

In these next 4 weeks before classes start, here are the goals I’d like to accomplish:

» Continue my “No-Buy” Summer. Outside of some things for my internship (mainly clothes from Goodwill) and a new lunch box (which I used all the coupons and discounts I could on it), I haven’t really purchased anything for myself this summer. I’m racking my brain to think of any thing, but really all I can come up with is just food stuff — like going out to eat or snacks I didn’t necessarily need. Ok. Well I bought a couple eBooks. But pretty much, I’ve been trying not to spend money on things other than necessities, mainly because I just don’t have much money right now.

» Create a very specific shopping list/budget. Once my loans come in, I need to make sure I don’t just blow all my extra money just because I finally have money. I’m going to plot out what exactly I need for school — get the “for sure” ones first (like my new planner), then wait until classes start to see what else I need. I’m going to set aside a certain amount for clothes. And then I’m also going to pay back my parents for the loans that kept me afloat at the beginning of break. Oh. And duh. I’m going to get my medicine so my endo gets back under control.

» Get insurance. I’m pretty sure I qualify for Medicaid, so I need to get on it so I can take care of my health. I’ve made some decisions regarding my treatment plans, and so it’s time to start moving forward. I’ll be sharing a lot about this in the future.

» Rearrange the house. My roommates are moving out on the 8th. And hopefully soon I’ll be getting some of my grandparent’s furniture. I have a few small things from their home already (my brother & his family are moving in there), but I haven’t been able to pick up the bigger pieces — mainly because a convertible is not the appropriate vehicle to do such things. Anyway, I need to rearrange the guest room back to a guest room (and study room)… and make minor adjustments to the main living areas since it’ll just be me and the cats again.

» CLEAN. I don’t think the floors have been swept or swiffered all summer. The tub’s only been scrubbed once. Toilet not nice my mom cleaned prior to the roommates movie in. And when I attempted to clean the stove? Well, we’re just going to buy new drip pans. None of us are doing it — cleaning. At most maybe surfaces get wiped down. I know I’m doing at least that much. Thankfully I just inherited a vacuum. And I’ll borrow my mom’s mop before I finally get my own. Maybe if I’m lucky I can recruit her to help.

» Develop an exercise habit. Part of my endo healing plan is also just generally healing my body. I’ve gained a lot of weight since my symptoms developed and when I started taking medications to treat this. I’m not really interested in reaching a certain number — though I’m not going to lie and say I don’t have one in mind — but mostly I just want to feel good about myself again. Since I go into work at the same time every day, and will be once school starts, I’m thinking about trying to ride my exercise bike before I leave. If I plan it right, I won’t have to change when I wake up, just what I do afterward. However, if the morning thing doesn’t work out, I can just hit the bike before bed.

Only four weeks separate me and my first official semester as a grad student. While school seems forever away, I know this time will go by so quick. I mean, only 2 weeks til the roommates move, and then from there it’s 2 weeks til school. Bam. Gone in a flash.