Introducing: My Grad School Office

Grad School - getting my office keyOne of the things I was eagerly awaiting, in regards to grad school, was the ability to have my own office within the department. Ok, ok. So not my own private office — but one shared with other grad students. Basically, my own desk within a graduate student office.

We’ve got three grad student offices in our department. Two are down by the archaeology lab (and also the kitchen), and the other is on the opposite side of the floor. I was hoping for one of the ones by the lab, since I did my internships with them and may have other work with them in the future… And also because my closest friend in the program is a historical archaeologist… But I was placed with most of the other cultural students down on the far end of the floor. (To be fair, the ethnographic lab is on our side, but it has yet to be finished and is still otherwise unusable.)

With enrollment down a little, there’s only 11 of us — so the offices are split 4-4-3. We’ve got four in ours. It’s actually one of the larger offices, but based on how the desks are arranged it really doesn’t feel much bigger at all. But it’ll work. Only two of us, thus far, have claimed desks. One is a second year who claimed her desk from last year — the only person to return to this office for the second year. She got the only desk with drawers; the rest are computer tables. I, of course, went to claim my desk as fast as possible as soon as I could get my key… because that’s just who I am. While the desk itself is meh, I am very happy with my setup. Especially not having my back to the door (I spook easily).

grad school office

It still feels very bare-bones to me, but it very much is not compared to most people. And I’m still sort of grumbly about no drawers — mostly due to purse safety, but the office doors lock, at least. I’ll likely get another storage tub like my green one for foods and snacks. I also plan on getting a single-serve (cheap) coffee maker, since I’ll likely be the only decaf drinker on the floor. Still checking in on whether we can have a mini fridge (which would go on the extra desk, whichever one that is). Pretty sure they will veto a microwave. (Also: though I hate how much extra it cost, getting a power strip with USB ports was a good decision.)

Anyway, here are the close-ups:

grad school office

My Chicago art. Plus a wall calendar given to me as a belated birthday gift from one of my roommates.

grad school office

Mucca pictures. An old photo of my grandpa. And probably one of my favorite prints ever from one of my top number-something movies.

grad school office

Since I lack drawers, I opted for this cute bronze and clear file organizer. With cute file folders of course. Might end up getting hanging ones later, but hoping these will work for now. Also, yes, that is Hermione. And my pop-up holder is a polaroid style camera.

grad school office

These two shelves weren’t even up when I first got to the office. The other side has a full wall of them. Ours had three — one of which was holding the shelving boards someone had taken off. I had to scrounge for braces to hold them up, but I’m glad I added these. Perfect place for Archaeology Pony*, Viserion, and Chococat. Oh, and of course all my books. Which I may only have 3 for all my courses, and I haven’t even picked them up yet.

I’m beyond happy with how it’s turning out. I plan on spending many hours here, so it needs to be my little home away from home.

*Yes, I know that’s not the name of the pony. I just like calling her that instead.