What I learned this week

So I saw this as a topic on Lacey’s blog early in the summer, and I thought it was super awesome. I want to incorporate it into my anthropology blog, but I still need to get myself organized for that site. So, I’m going to attempt to do it every so often here. Being in grad school currently, there’s a lot I’m learning, but I’ll try to keep a lot of the academic-y stuff off this blog and save stuff like that for the anth one.

Anyway. This will sort of be a weekly wrap-up like post, but framed more as in, these are things I’ve realized or become apparent to me. I mean, if I learn a really cool fact, yes, I will share that too.

What I Learned This Week

» Grad school is amazing. It’s a lot of work, and we’re only in the first week (mainly readings right now), but I’m really enjoying it. It’s pretty neat having your professors be sort of your colleagues. I mean, there’s still a hierarchy there, for sure, but we’re in that transition to becoming their peers. I’m trying to be more confident in myself in class, and even if I end up being wrong — because at least I’m attempting to put my thoughts together on a concept. But mostly I just feel good about this path in my life.

» Ibuprofen does not make up for a lack of numbing agents at the dentist. I’m going to a new dentist, someone who’s friends with my step-grandma. It’s a 50-minute drive one way. And he doesn’t believe in “unnecessary chemicals.” But it’s a non-profit. So where I paid $580 for a sonic cleaning of just half of my mouth at my old dentist, I’m paying $75 for the whole mouth. It only hurts in a two areas, one of which we’re afraid I have some bone loss. (Other thing I learned a while ago? Estrogen levels can affect gum health, and given my battle with endometriosis and changing medications… and now I’m on something that can cause bone problems… well, it’s just feels like bad luck.)

» It doesn’t matter what color iPhone you get if you use cases. I upgraded my 5s to an SE, earning money in the process. Went from silver to gold and was all like “this is so pretty.” And then I bought a case for it that pretty much covers 99.9% of the gold. But the case itself is pretty. (The discontinued ban.do florabunda case. And yes, I know that’s the 6/6s case.)

» I shouldn’t be alone in a Target. Ever. Ok. So this isn’t anything new to learn. But back to school shopping? Ugh. Someone take my redcard away from me.

» Apparently two seagulls in England flew into vats of curry and turned orange. I cannot even make this up. Only found one article on the second, but the fact that even just one bird did this… I cannot stop laughing at this cheeto-looking bird.

So what did you learn this week?