4 things on the internet that I hate

We all have internet pet peeves, things that make us cringe or even just rage quit the page. I’m not just talking trolls and 4chan. I like to think I’m a pretty tolerant person. But these few things here just drive me crazy and I beyond strongly dislike them.

» Listicles with multiple pages. Listicles are extremely clickbait-y. I get that and I’m ok with it. But when you make us click through page after page, or it’s one of those image galleries you have to keep clicking through. Unless it’s a list of 101 and you have paragraphs with each entry, put it all on one page. And if it is 101 with long paragraphs for each, maybe do some editing. But when it’s extremely clickbait-y, like 11 words people on the internet keep misspelling (aka a lot of it is autocorrect issues), it should all be on one page. ONE.

» Autoplaying video ads. I think everyone hates these. Autoplay is the absolute worst. I do not want it unless I’ve given the option upfront to specifically choose it. (Because, hey, sometimes I do want it on netflix and hulu, but that’s it.) The absolute worst are the ones that take forever to load, and then start playing after you’ve been on the page for a few minutes. (Or the ads, video or not, who cause the whole page to lag in loading.)

» Video articles without transcripts. This is mostly for news articles. I’ll see a headline on facebook, click to read an article, and discover it’s only a video. Now I get some people just love videos — it’s why we have YouTube. I’m not really one of those people. I’m the type that likes to have something on in the background, like netflix/hulu or twitch, and then read various things. Please just let me skim your articles rather than forcing me to sit through however long your video is.

» RSS excerpts. I’ve ranted on this for years. Years. I will unfollow blogs, no matter how much I like the person, because they only allow excerpts of their posts for RSS readers. I’m the type that wants to read everything in my reader of choice (Feedly) and then if I want to comment, or just to give page views, I’ll click through. More often than not I skim blogs first, and then when I find it’s interesting, I read them straight through. (Of course, a few bloggers I always read completely, which is why I sometimes get a backlog of anywhere from 2-6 posts of theirs in my RSS and I just read them all at once when I can finally give them the time they deserve.) Anyway. Go into your blog settings and pick “full posts” please!

Ok. So unload. What do you hate on the internet?