So I have bronchitis.

Sick day (WEEK)

I have been on and off sick for a month. Mostly it’s been a flu then my endometriosis flares up. And now? Well. Now I apparently have bronchitis. At least it’s not pneumonia, right? I had just been to the doctor the day before I got sick, spotted nothing (granted, I was there for endo-related issues). Went back today, they had me do various breathing test things (most of which I performed pathetically), and then they hooked me up to this machine that essentially was a big vaporizer and gave me this medicine to inhale that made me so jittery that I was shaking for a few hours afterward. That was fun.

Oh. I’m also contagious, currently. So it’s kind of iffy on the whole school and work thing. And I’ve already missed a lot, so that’s great. But if I get others sick, well, it’s only likely that it’ll just cycle back through everyone back to me yet again.

This is not how I had planned to start my graduate career. If I could get a redo on the semester I’d gladly take it.

During this sick week down time I:
» Finished too many shows on Netflix and now feel like I’m scraping the barrel.
» Eaten all the chex out of three bags of chex mix.
» Realized that watching a friend who hates horror/spooky games play Alien: Isolation while you’re sick is terrible because you will hurt yourself laughing so much. (Same with certain kitten videos.)
» Discovered I am 10,000 times more indecisive about food when I’m sick.
» Slept more than my cats each day. (Ok, maybe not more, but definitely as much.)
» Got booped on the nose by one of my cats.
» Learned that maybe you shouldn’t cook when you have a fever.

I start my medications tomorrow morning. Hopefully they’ll knock all of this out of me (without interfering too much with my endometriosis medication). Hopefully I can get back to normal. And hopefully I’ll be able to catch up and keep up with all of my school work. And SOON.