My small obsession: introducing my blind box figure collection

I like things. Trinkets. Knick knacks. Chachkies. Collectables. I think it’s something I inherited from my grandparents. Their home was always filled with so much stuff. Fascinating little things. Some had stories — were little mementos from trips and travel. A lot were just things that made them smile. Some people might call them worthless. Heck, I had a roommate call mine “clutter.” Untidy. A mess. Their presence upset her. But the things she would have happily thrown away without a second thought — those are what make my home feel like my home.

Of all my little things, my most numerous are my blind box figures. Most of them are vinyl figures — about three or four are various plastic figures. I don’t necessarily count them in my total count, but they were mystery figures. I actually haven’t been collecting all that long. I think I got my first figures at my first C2E2 back in 2013. Now? My collection is somewhere around 50 figures. I have them sort of scattered throughout my home — and a few in my office at school.

I like the mystery aspect the most. Not knowing which one you’ll get, hoping it’s one of the few you’re really wanting. I’m trying to be more selective when I’m buying now — but sometimes slip and that’s recently resulted in some regretful purchases… But overall, I love my collection. They’re fun and silly and represent various things I like or find unique.

Blind Box Figures - GoT Blind Box Figures - GoT Blind Box Figures - GoT Blind Box Figures - GoT

My biggest collection is probably my Game of Thrones group. I actually have duplicates of Viserion and Jamie. Also, five or so were gifts from a friend — some of his duplicates.

Blind Box Figures - Doctor Who

My Doctor Who collection is actually a lot smaller than I would like. Mainly this is due to self-control and the number of figures that were on my meh-ok list versus my YES WANT list. Plus, Titan figures are a little more expensive than Funko.*

Blind Box Figures - DC women Blind Box Figure - DC Bombshell Canary Blind Box Figures - DC Aquaman

My DC figures also sort of suffer from the meh-ok syndrome. Also, I was super bummed this is just a normal Aquaman and not AquaMoa. (Duplicate Wonder Woman was given to my niece.) However, the DC Bombshells are in my top 3 favorite series ever. They’re definitely a bit more expensive, but worth it. You get a quality tin with an amazing figure.

Blind Box Figures - Marvel Blind Box Figures - Marvel Blind Box Figures - Marvel

I’m actually pretty fond of my Marvel figures… However, they are pretty terrible at standing up on their own. I’ve actually got scuffs on my Hawkeye and Thor because of the number of times they’ve fallen over. Oh, and that Hulkbuster? Yeah, one of the reasons you weigh boxes against each other is because sometimes you know you’ll end up with ones like this.

Blind Box Figures - Stitch Blind Box Figures - Beauty & the Beast Blind Box Figures - Cinderella Gus Blind Box Figures - Frozen Blind Box Figures - Nemo/Dory Blind Box Figure - TsumTsum

My Disney group is pretty fun. Those have a lot more memories because of the connections with the movies and such. Like Gus-gus? Yeah, my favorite Christmas ornament for a long time was this stuffed Gus-gus that we got in like a Happy Meal or something. Right now, I think the Finding Dory collection might be my favorite. I like all the figures — something that is pretty rare. I also really love my Figaro tsumtsum figure, but I’ve stopped keeping him on the fish tank because he fell so much!

Blind Box Figures - Harry Potter Blind Box Figure - Harry Potter

My Harry Potter group is actually… well, frustrating. You see, Hermione is a 1/6 character — very common. So out of the 4 boxes I’ve purchased, I have 3 Hermiones. (If anyone wants a Hermione, hit me up.) Fluffy, however, was a pleasant find!

Blind Box Figures - MLP

Yes. I have MLP. The main one I like isn’t even pictured, because she’s at my school office — Daring Do, aka “Archaeology Pony” as she’s known on my shelves.

Blind Box Figures - Ugly Dolls

These guys seem to weird people out the most (which is weird given on of my Dunny’s).. But I’ve always liked Ugly Dolls ever since I worked at a toy store.

Blind Box Figure - Dumpling

My Nerd Dumpling is probably my favorite individual figure. All of the dumplings are cute, but this is the exact one I wanted so it was awesome to get it in my first go. I’ve actually met the person who this figure is based on, and was pretty awkward about it.

Blind Box Figure - Lunartik

The Lunartik tea cups are also in my top. Some of the more artistic ones, versus just fandom ones, can get a little weird, but some of them are actually super cool. I’d count the Lunartiks in that group. (And also the Moofia figures, which I’ve yet to own.)

Blind Box Figures - Dunny

This Dunny is probably one of my weirder ones. It was a gift from the same friend who gifted me the GoT figures. But he’s super cool. I normally don’t go for Dunny’s because they can get expensive — especially the limited edition ones. I’d like to try to find the Andy Warhol ones. Dunny is also part of a line with different figures… like Munny and Tricky and this giraffe one I can’t remember. But I have three Tricky blanks — ones specifically made for you to design them. I’ve only decorated one of them so far.

NOT SHOWN: I’ve got 2 Unicorno figures, but they’ve gotten lost in some box in one of the moves. I thought they were with my Lunartik figure, but if that’s the case, I don’t know why I didn’t pull them out, too. And I also recently got my first Supernatural figure… however, it’s Thinman and… I’m more than meh about Thinman.

I do have a long wishlist of other figures, but I think I’m going to include those in my holiday wishlist post. (So, yeah, if you’re ever stumped on a gift for me, likely a blind box figure would work. I don’t like all the series out there, but if you know me well enough, you’ll likely find ones that’d work.)

What do you collect? Do you have posts or pictures? Anyone want to trade for a Hermione figure?

*None of that really matters much now, because outside of Target or Walmart, it seems places are terrible with prices. $8 for standard boxes? Nah man. That’s too much.