That time of the month

Yeah, I know, I made that “ugh” face, too, with that title. However, thanks to science, I actually don’t get a cycle any more and thus that aspect of “that time of the month” no longer means anything to mean. Just because I don’t get periods any more (yay!), doesn’t mean I still don’t have other sorts of cycles that fluctuate throughout the month.

Like, that time of the month where I go into cooking binges and my kitchen is a wreck. I’ll make all these different meals, and have leftovers for days for each. And suddenly there’s 3 loads of dishes just waiting for the dishwasher. This closely corresponds with the time of the month that I’d rather order pizza or take out than cook, because cooking means cleaning.

Or there’s the time of the month where suddenly all my shoes end up in my living room. I’d like to say this mostly happens in the transitional seasons like autumn and spring — when the weather changes a lot, and thus so does your wardrobe. However, well, it tends to happen regardless. Just get so tired, and my slippers are already out in the living room, so I just switch shoes there, rather than taking them back to my closet.

Similarly, there’s the time of the month where I don’t put my clean laundry away. This current batch has to have been sitting out for at least two weeks now. I’ve taken it out of the hamper and put it all out on my bed so I’d have to deal with it, only to throw it all back in the hamper at the end of the day. Right now it’s all stacked on top of the dresser. It’s a lot closer to actually being in the dresser. Sort of.

There’s the time of the month when I have like 5 papers and presentations going on, and papers and notes and books just keep multiplying taking over all the surfaces in my house. Scattered throughout those are little wrappers of snacks — gummies, granola bars, peanut butter crackers, chocolate — all the little bits of fuel to keep me going. All the mail gets lost during this time because any stable place I would normally put it is now covered with school stuff. So I keep trying to find a new safe place for it.

The worst is the time of the month when I run out of things to binge on Netflix. I’ve had to sort of watch things in themes. Right now it’s a lot of cop/detective shows, of which there’s a plethora. Not watching any mainstream US ones. Things like Luther, Marcella, The Killing, Happy Valley, Doctor Foster… Ok. That last one’s not a cop show. But really the theme beyond cop shows is messed up personal life, mystery-ish or twist-ish show. No clue what I’ll watch after I finish all these. (Which, I pretty much have, except for two of them.) I can’t really do the silly campy shows too well. Some British ones, yeah, like Miranda or even old ones like Ab Fab, but I’ve never really gotten into others.

It’s kind of interesting how you start noticing other trends and cycles in your life after the main one that dominated everything, often to detrimental effect, is over. When it comes down to it, it’s rather nice having these as my little frustrations and annoyances. Definitely better than the original cycle.