my holiday wish list…

  1. Logitech C920 webcam: So, apparently the built-in webcam on my laptop isn’t wanting to work right now… But I’ve been looking to get a C920 anyway for my cooking streams.
  2. Bear paws oven mitts: I’ve had these on my list for a while. And I actually just got them from my youngest sister. Turns out putting priority notes on your Amazon wish list works out sometimes. Also, these are the funnest and best things ever.
  3. Big Blue whale strainer: While I have some various colanders, I like that this keeps everything in the pot that needs to be in the pot. Also, if it’s a silly, but functional and practical kitchen tool? I probably want it.
  4. Tea kettle: I lost mine in one of the moves and just never replaced it. I have an electric one in my office on campus, but it’d be nice to have something at home. Otherwise I’m just microwaving water. (Which, actually, I should have included in my list because I need a new one… but I have enough adult stuff on there.)
  5. Anth books: The more I get into my research, the more books I find I want to read. Not all are actually classified as anthropology books, but they still fit, though. I try to get what I can from the library, but a lot of them just aren’t there.
  6. Air fryer: Is this a weird fad thing? Maybe. But I own an actual deep fryer, and that thing is a mess. But wings and fries? Without all the oil? I’m down. I am so down.
  7. Toaster: Adulty adult stuff. My toaster is 13 years old. It’s been an amazing $6 purchase, but it’s been temperamental (like the microwave). Sometimes it toasts. Sometimes you have to try three times. Sometimes you try three times and then it’s a little burnt.
  8. Mandolin: As much as I also need to keep working on my knife skills, it would actually just be really nice to have a mandolin to help. Plus, if I get that air fryer, this would just make all the prep so much easier. (I would also take a mini food processor.)
  9. Ogio Hamptons tote: I’ve been eyeing this all year. I just can’t justify $80 for a bag. Even a bag with lots of compartments and padding. I’ve found it sub-$50 on ebay, but I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. I think I’ll likely use my Christmas money for this. It just feels like the perfect grad school bag — since apparently I am anti-traditional backpack.
  10. Blind box mystery minis: If you haven’t guessed, from that last post about the mystery minis, I kind of like these. The youngest sister who also got me the bear paws also got me a Moana mini. Series that I’m looking for: Finding Dory, Moana, Moofia, Toki Doki, DC Bombshells, Skelanimals, Shawnimals Pocket Dumplings, Disney, Pusheen, Moofia, Marshall…. ok maybe I should stop. I’ve started adding them to lists because they’re small and easy to find (typically) and thus make simply gifts for me. Plus, I should maybe slow my roll when it comes to spending my own money on them.
  11. B&BW’s wine scented candles: One day my mom and I went through and smelled every. single. scent. at bath and bodyworks. I think for personal scents, the honey lavender is my favorite… but my all time favorite smells are the boozy ones. In particular the champagne and merlot candles? I definitely need those. (Also, I should have saved the links to the products because I found them 2 hours ago, but now that I’m finishing the post I can’t find them — and the links in my browser history just go to the home page. Booo.)
  12. Mini-NES: Yep. If it’s possible to even find one.

It definitely gets harder to make wish lists each year. A lot of the stuff I want are generally either adulting stuffs or small things that I’d probably just buy myself.