Looking back at 2016

I have a weird relationship with goal setting. Especially New Years goal setting. Often, this past year included, they just feel like a list of all the things I never did, never got around to. A lot of that falls on me, I don’t always actively work towards my goals every single day, they aren’t at the top of my to-do lists — same goes with bucket lists. It’s as if I think that maybe if I put them out into the universe maybe they’ll just happen naturally. And of course that’s not really how it works. I think the bigger issue is I keep putting health related things on my goals, and frankly my endometriosis has other plans.

Goals that I did accomplish:
» got a working car
» got into and started grad school, kept up a good GPA
» went to the farmers market a few times, though I didn’t buy much there
» and I finished up the dining area of my home, a long with other rooms thanks to inheriting furniture from my grandma and the vintage table set my mom gifted me.

Not bad things to accomplish. Honestly, I’m really happy with how my home has filled out — it feels like a home, and more importantly, my home. And though I’m a little nervous about my first winter with a convertible (whose top still needs repaired), I do really like my little car. It’s fun to drive, especially in good weather. And it’s been amazingly mechanically sound. School had it’s bumps, but I’m happy and proud of my accomplishments. Excited for where it’s heading. And the farmers market? Well, I’m glad I checked it out. Maybe next year I’ll get some pickles and wine and local honey. (And more of the really good naan!)

This year was rough. I missed my grad school application deadline, had some issues working all that out, but I got in — with many thanks to the faculty who made that happen. This last semester was hard on me for a number of reasons, but I passed. Ok, I still have 2 essays to finish, but I have confidence I’ll still pass the class once they’re done. On top of all of that, both my mom and I had health issues — hers leading to 3 stints, and mine leading to a lot of ER visits for everything from a concussion, an infected spider bite, and a lot of endo things. Oh, and there were the continual bronchial viruses, and the reflux that kept me up most nights. Despite that, I had a lot of fun with my family — especially my nieces. G is 11 now and is into art and go karting. The twins turned 3 recently, and still come running to greet me whenever I come visiting. I helped them, along with my brother and his girlfriend, move into our grandparent’s home. I also helped move my grandmother up to my dad’s home, so she’s not living alone at risk to herself. There weren’t any big trips, at least not for me. However, my practically sister-in-law and I saw Macklemore together at the beginning of the year, and I took my mom to see a Beatles cover band for her birthday. G had her first trip to a comic book store. I found direction and joy teaching kids about archaeology this summer.

Was it an amazing year? No. But on a personal level was it ok? Yeah. More than ok, really. Maybe not adventurous and exciting, but overall ok. Like the Bears since losing Urlacher, it was a rebuilding year for me. There were some high points and low points, and though maybe I didn’t lead the league or make any championships, it wasn’t an overall loss. (But also, Bears, seriously, get yourselves together.)