Currently… (the “apparently I am a curmudgeon and hermit” addition)

Feeling: Like crap. And tired. I was supposed to get my last (as in, also last ever) Depo shot last week. However, I wasn’t able to work out a ride to the pharmacy for a while, and when I did there were at least 5 people waiting inside and 4 cars lined up at the drive through. So I said screw it I’m not dealing with this, because honestly, at the time, the fatigue of trying to figure out where the end of the “line” was and then waiting through all that was more than I could deal with at the moment. (Also, CVS, create a real queue, without guidance people swarm and no one knows where the real end is.)

ALSO: feeling extra hermity. Both of my summer roommates have moved in and I’m getting all “OMG MY SPAACCEE” in my head. Between just stuff and more laptops all over the house and the kitchen table being used as a massive storage self for personal belongings… and then sharing my main desk with another person… I’m trying to breath and just remind myself: it doesn’t matter. And it really doesn’t. If I want to use a space, I can (and do) just move their stuff — heck, I’ll even ask them if they’re around. But yeah. I’m old and stuck in my ways, so this is all an adjustment for me. But not a terrible adjustment.

Watching: Twitch. I’m pretty much on twitch for like 10 hours a day most days. But at least I feel social while I’m watching other people die in video games.

Playing: Breath of the Wild. Way more on this later.

Listening To: loud new neighbors. A new neighbor moved in upstairs across the hall. She likes her stereo and bass. And also has a dog that barks for hours and hours. Hopefully, the dog (and owner) will settle in and be less loud.

Reading: twitter headlines like whoa. I’ve been too tired to continue any actual book reading, but hoping that can be something during recovery. So likely the night before the surgery, I’ll find something from my library’s digital loans and go for some easy reading while I sit and rest.

Working on: all my pre- and post-op prep! I have my actually pre-op visit on Wednesday, so I’ll actually get all the details then. But until then, I’m reading things on hystersisters on their pre-op & recovery prep, and also making a massive list of questions to ask my doctor. I want to make sure I get as much info as possible just so I can get through all of this as well as possible. Also, sometimes knowing too much can stress people out, but for me it’s actually reassuring to know what to expect going in.

Thinking about: the mess of our government “leadership” and not also trying not to think about it at all. I think we’re all doing that… The whole age difference thing between me and my roommates also keeps crossing my mind. We are getting along and stuff, but a lot of anything that gives me pause is typically because I’ve had years and years of experience doing the roommate thing and doing the adult thing, and they have not. And sometimes it’s very apparent. And as I mentioned above, none of it is really a big deal… and a lot of it is that yes, I am indeed used to things being a certain way (mine), but yeah. Some of it is they things they complain about I’ve just been done with and/or over for a while, or just aren’t issues for me. Young kids with their energy and lack of experience.

Craving: Salty savory things. And sleep. I’d like more sleep. And less pain. But that should hopefully be coming soon.

Looking forward to: seeing my brother and his family again before my surgery. They don’t live far away, but the lack of car means I don’t get out to see them much right now. I won’t have as much energy and strength to really play with the nieces, but I want to get as much toddler & pre-teen hugs as I can before all this happens and I don’t see them for almost the rest of the summer.

Making me happy: organizing things. Yes, I, apparently, am one of those people. Not long after my returning roommate moved in, I went through and reorganized the entire fridge and all the stuff she just loaded into it. Thankfully, she knows me well, so she knew this was coming. And even confessed that though she told me she’d go through and clean it all up, she was happy that I did it all. “How. How did you do this?” What can I say, I have a special gift. And that gift is knowing exactly where I want things to be.

ALSO: the big one… All my internet friends who have done amazing things for me this past month. I’ve been working on a thank you post for them, which hopefully I can finish this upcoming week.

So. What’s been going on with you? Enjoying Spring?