Ranting about toxic attitudes and this trend to hate things

Recently in my gaming community, a high point of topic has been the rampant negativity among gamers over overwhelmingly subjective opinions. Honestly, it’s not solely an issue exclusive to gaming. People have opinions, and they want theirs to be validated, which leads to people getting louder and more incendiary.

People will completely rip apart a game or movie before that thing has even been released. So prior to having any experience with this media, they have formed a solidified opinion about it and have decided to rail against it and everyone who may be excited for it.

That last part is really what gets me. As people, we are totally allowed not to like things. Let’s take Fallout 76. I have never played a Fallout game ever. But from what I have seen of the previous games, they have not interested me in the slightest. However, I’m not going around to people who love the game, who are playing the game, and espousing everything I find wrong with the game and/or series. People actually do this. They go into streams and just let loose all the things they dislike, with no regard at all to whether the streamer actually loves this game/series/franchise or not.

There is a time and place for constructive criticism. But if you hate something? Why spread that? I’ve seen it a lot with sports, too. And I’m not talking just the typical anti-whatever team. People get all high and mighty because they’re not interested in “sportsball.” It’s in areas of our culture where people are called basic for liking certain beverages and scarves and warm things… I’m actually really happy that people are reclaiming basic and wearing it with pride.

If you don’t like pineapple on your pizza then don’t order it. If you could get no fucks for sports of any kind, then actually don’t give fucks and don’t engage in petty mocking of those who do.

I just do not get this continuing trend of putting people down for liking things or feeling haughty superior for not liking something. It’s gate-keeping bullshit and needs to end. Let’s celebrate people’s joys and passions — even if it’s not something you like or understand yourself.* (With the obvious asterisk of: there are legitimately toxic and harmful things people like that we should not encourage)